What's the Value of Creative Industry to the Overall Economy?

We’re all familiar with how creativity and art feed our imagination, enhance our lives and beautify our world. But when it comes to business and economic development, is creative influence the new competitive advantage?

These days it’s not just companies like Apple that are harnessing design and aesthetics to improve their products and market share. Workforce analysts are taking note of the value of creative industries while paying attention to the way creative people think.

In 2013 the Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA), in partnership with the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA), tallied the contribution of arts and cultural production to the U.S. economy at $702 billion.  Yes, billions! From skill sets to problem solving, some speculate that an MFA is the new MBA.

Here in Arlington, a recent partnership with digital agency Carousel30 tapped local firms to peek inside the creative process. In a series of programs and workshops called ROC: Return on Creativity, events were hosted at Arlington Economic Development with Carousel30 and Sisarina, at KGD Architecture with Manoj Dalaya and then at LMO with Scott Laughlin. What did we learn?

  • A creative content strategy is key to successful audience engagement
  • Want a great brand? Start a club!
  • What you measure is as important as what you can imagine
  • A well designed space attracts and retains a happy and productive workforce

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