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New Program to Incentivize Consumers to Shop Locally

Open Rewards FlyerBizLaunch has invested $5,000 from existing funds to pilot the new Open Rewards program. This customer rewards program, launched as a partnership between BizLaunch and technology company BluDot, encourages shoppers to earn cash back rewards while spending at local small businesses. Each local transaction earns 5% in rewards, which can then be used to support more small businesses.

There is no cost for businesses or consumers to participate in Open Rewards, and Arlington local businesses in the personal service, restaurant and retail sectors are automatically enrolled. Other small businesses that would like to be added to the program can do so by visiting BluDot's website. Consumers can enroll in the program by downloading BluDot’s Open Rewards app to their smartphone and add payment cards to their accounts or upload receipts from small business merchants.  

The Open Rewards program launched in Arlington, Virginia on Nov. 16 and will continue through the holiday season.

Download the flyer and promote your business’s participation in the program.


This effort not only helps Arlington’s small businesses, but also allows the consumers to earn cash back rewards by supporting them. In today’s economy, when everyone is watching their spending, this effort is a win-win for businesses and consumers.

Tara Palacios, BizLaunch Director

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