Nature Conservancy Capital Pride 2017
Nature Conservancy Capital Pride 2017

Nonprofit Organizations & Associations

An Ideal Location for the Nonprofit Community

Arlington is home to nearly 300 nonprofit organizations and associations, including The March of Dimes, The Nature Conservancy and Conservation International.

Arlington offers unparalleled access to decision makers and influencers in the nation’s capital. Mission driven advocacy, research and social investment organizations thrive thanks to Arlington’s premiere location and the most educated workforce in the country.

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Decision Makers and Talent Within Reach

Nonprofits in Arlington, VA benefit from close proximity to Washington D.C.

Capitol Hill and Washington, D.C. only minutes away by car or Metro, Arlington affords nonprofits and associations with easy access to the nation’s policymakers. Nonprofits in Arlington also benefit from a pipeline of highly skilled and motivated workers found throughout the Washington, D.C. metro region.

Arlington is the most educated county in the nation; 76% of adults hold a bachelor's degree and more than 40% have achieved an advanced degree. Some of the nation’s top nonprofit management graduate programs are nearby, including American University, George Mason University, George Washington University and University of Maryland, College Park. 

A Hub for Nonprofits

A Dense Cluster of Leading Nonprofits and Associations 

In Arlington, nonprofits and associations are an important sector of Arlington’s economy. We are home to nearly 300 organizations that collectively employ more than 8,500 people.

Recently, a cluster of nonprofits and associations focused on agricultural, environmental, military and scientific issues emerged in Arlington. These organizations chose Arlington to capitalize on our proximity to federal agencies and access to a large pool of industry workers attracted by abundant opportunities in the sector.


Lodging & Events

Plentiful Space to Host Events and Guests

 Meeting space at ConveneArlington is home to over 9,600 hotel rooms, 291,000 square feet of conference space and Reagan Washington National Airport. The ample meeting spaces and easy travel logistics make it an ideal setting to host organizational conferences, events and special guests.

Looking for support hosting a meeting or event for your association or nonprofit? Get in touch with StayArlington to help with your planning.

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