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A key part of launching your business is knowing your market. You need to know about your audience, what competition you face, what trends might impact the growth of your business, and so much more. The only way to uncover this critical information is to do your research — and that's where BizLaunch comes in. 

The BizLaunch team has helped hundreds of local businesses get started and knows the value of solid research. They can help you determine what questions to ask and, more importantly, get you access to some of the industry's leading tools so you can answer these important questions. 

Here is a quick look at some of the market research tools you will have access to though your work with BizLaunch:


Start Digging into the Data

Statista has mastered the art of consolidating data and making it palatable. Instead of just spitting out flat data information that can be hard to evaluate, this tool presents it in a way that is easy to digest and will give you a deeper understanding of the topic your are researching. 

With more than two million registered users,  one million statistics, 31 million visits per month, and 170 industries covered, it's a great tool to help you get started. 

For questions on how to use the database, please contact the BizLaunch team. To access Statista, all you need is your Arlington County library card.

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Dive Into Your Demographics 

DemographicsNow is a full-service spatial analytics firm that can help you with sales forecasting, customer profiling, market analysis and more. This location-based data will give you insight into the market right here in Arlington. For example, if you were trying to figure out which neighborhood would be best for your business, you could use DemographicsNow to compare foot traffic by zip code, city or address. This software is ideal for digging into geographic-based questions.

For questions on how to use the database, please contact the BizLaunch team. To access DemographicsNow, all you need is your Arlington County library card. 

Access Demographics Now


Research Your Industry, the Market and the Economy

IBISWorld offers in-house analysts that provide economic, demographic and market data. They provide clients with things such as industry research, financial ratios, risk ratings and business environment profiles. This tool can really help you dive into the economic aspect of your research.

With a full suite of industry research and 50 years' of industry experience, IBISWorld is well equipped to support a wide range of clients just like we do here in Arlington. 

For questions on how to take advantage of IBISWorld, please contact the BizLaunch team. To access IBISWorld, all you need is your Arlington County library card. 

Access IBISWorld

Industry Intelligence

Identify Opportunities and Risks

Track trends that will help you predict opportunities and potential pitfalls as you launch your business.

Market Data

Learn More About Your Market

Learn more about Arlington consumers, local housing and businesses. 

Free Grant-finding App

Looking for grants and getting grant-writing assistance has never been easier thanks to BizLaunch and OpenGrants With 5,500+ open opportunities, $750B+ in 2022 U.S. grant funding and over 1,200 sources to choose from, OpenGrants is a comprehensive, database-driven app that can help you find grants in minutes.

OpenGrants is free to use, but does require a login in order to customize your search results and notify you of opportunities that match your needs. For questions, or to learn more, contact Prakriti Deuja at

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