Langston Boulevard

Langston Boulevard

The Langston Boulevard corridor traverses throughout northern portions of Arlington and connects many of its most sought-after residential neighborhoods. Along this corridor, you'll find a variety of historic areas as well as a unique blend of local shops and independent restaurants.

Langston Boulevard is also an area experiencing great growth. Its close proximity to the area's universities and the expanding Virginia Hospital Center, as well as its central location to Arlington's varied business districts, provides opportunities for small businesses to thrive. There's also a long-term plan for redevelopment along the corridor, promising new and exciting things to come. 

Distinct, Vibrant Neighborhoods

More than 40,000 residents live along the corridor, residing in one of the 18 distinct, art-infused neighborhoods connected to Langston Boulevard. Discover a variety of historic areas, including the historic African-American John M. Langston community (long known as Halls Hill).


A Variety of Community Retail

More than 800,000 SF of shops, restaurants and retail services line the Langston Boulevard corridor, ranging from international grocery stores to casual dining options.


Connections to the Past

Home to large-scale murals, two Civil War Forts and 12 historic sites and districts, Langston Boulevard connects its legacy with contemporary creative expressions.




Residents with Higher Ed Degrees



Retail Space
800K SF


Historic Sites and Districts

Langston Boulevard Alliance

Partnerships and Business Improvement Districts (BIDs) serve as a liaison with residents and work to foster economic growth and placemaking within a community. The Langston Boulevard Alliance is a resource for future projects, events and community initiatives.

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