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An Ideal Location for Company Headquarters

Companies headquartered in Arlington, VA benefit from the close proximity to Washington, D.C. combined with the business-friendly climate of Virginia, ranked CNBC’s #2 best state for business. Few places can match Arlington’s mix of prestigious real estate, #1 most-educated workforce (Forbes), robust transportation infrastructure and exceptional quality of life.

Located just steps from the nation’s capital, Arlington is home to numerous Fortune 1000 companies, high-profile technology and defense companies, prestigious educational institutions and a fast-growing startup scene.

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Companies Headquartered in Arlington, VA

Bloomberg | Location, Transportation and Talent



Best State for Business


Best City to Live in America


Tech Talent Market in North America


Top Ranked Tech and Professional Services Talent

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Companies headquartered in Arlington hire from the nation’s most educated workforce. More than 75% of residents have at least a bachelor’s degree, and more than 40% have advanced degrees — many in the specialized fields your company is looking for.

In addition to Arlington's existing workforce, Arlington's talent pipeline is unrivaled. The region's elite universities paired with Virginia’s historic $2 billion investment in the state's tech talent pipeline, ensures companies headquartered in Northern Virginia can rely on a steady flow of talent for decades to come.



Capital Views and Access 

Arlington's central location in the Washington, D.C. metro region makes it the perfect place for a headquarters location. Companies headquartered in Arlington enjoy impressive monumental views from our many high-rise, trophy office buildings while able to easily cross the Potomac River via our varied transit options to engage with the nation's top decision-makers on Capitol Hill. 


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Business Climate

A Stable Environment for Your Business

employees from companies headquartered in Northern Virginia Arlington has been recognized as a top place to do business for many years and offers the perfect business climate for a headquarters operation.

  • Arlington boasts more than two decades of solid Triple-AAA bond ratings
  • Virginia’s corporate income tax rate of 6% (lower than the nation median of 6.5%) has remained unchanged for 50 years
  • Virginia is the northernmost right-to-work state on the East Coast and is consistently ranked a top state for business


Diverse & Inclusive

Diverse by Actions, Not Words

people working at a corporate headquarters in northern virginia Arlington, VA is committed to promoting diversity, equity and inclusion in every aspect of business and community. Arlington is the Best U.S. City for Women in Tech and earned a Perfect Municipal Equity Index Score by the Human Rights Council in 2021. Additionally, Virginia has been ranked a Top 10 State for Asian-American, Black and foreign-born tech talent.  

Arlington prioritizes the advancement of racial equity through policies, procedures, practices and engagement with the community.  


Targeted Business Services and Incentives 

We offer strategic, targeted incentives specifically designed to assist your company as it locates and grows. From performance-based grants to tax offsets for fast-growing technology companies, our approach is to get to know your business, understand your needs and find unique solutions that will help you grow and succeed in Arlington.

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"We win or lose based on the talent you have and the culture you create that allows your talent to thrive and what we found in Arlington is the talent you need to win. It has exceeded our expectations, and we have been really pleased with what we’ve seen."

Steve Presley, Chairman and CEO, Nestlé USA

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