A Diverse and Talented Workforce

Arlington, VA offers employers a robust talent pool from which to hire. Over half the population is prime working age (25-54 years old) and more than one-third of residents are Millennials. By locating your business in Arlington, you’ll have access to the most educated workforce in the nation as well as an entire region of specialized tech talent. And it’s a talent pool that continues to grow thanks to innovative talent programs and more than $2 billion that will be invested to increase the number of computer science and related graduates. These investments ensure the best and brightest minds will be here for years to come. 

Tech Talent

Over 225,000 Tech Works Live in the Washington, D.C. Metro Region 

Arlington is centrally located inside the third largest tech talent pool in the nation. Our region's workers offer employers a plethora of specialized skills acquired at the nation's top universities. They're software developers and information security analysts. They're experts in cloud technologies and network architecture. What this means is that your company will have a choice when it comes to its hiring decisions. And with Virginia's tech talent investment plan, that workforce is constantly growing. It all adds up to top tech talent ready for the innovation of the future.

Educated Workforce

Employ the Best of the Best

Arlington’s workforce is one of the most highly educated in the nation. About 75% of residents have at least a bachelor’s degree, and more than 40% have advanced degrees — many in the specialized fields your company needs.

Arlington is also the center of an entire region housing those educated, sought-after workers. In fact, Arlington and its surrounding jurisdictions comprise half of the top ten most educated counties in the nation.

What does that mean for your business? Arlington’s skilled, specialized and highly educated workforce gives your company a critical competitive advantage.

Talent Pipeline

The Best State for Tech Talent

Virginia was ranked as the state with the Top Tech Talent Pipeline by Business Facilities Magazine in 2021, and much of the tech talent investment is happening right here in Arlington and Northern Virginia. 

The Washington, D.C. metro region already produces more than 55,000 graduates per year, and nearly a quarter of those degrees are in tech fields. And those numbers will continue to grow:

  • Virginia Tech Innovation Campus This new campus, scheduled to open in 2024 in neighboring Alexandria, will offer advanced degrees in computer science and engineering. Annually, it will host 750 masters and 200 doctoral students. It will also be home to the Virginia Tech Center for Quantum Information Science and Engineering.
  • George Mason Institute for Digital Innovation This expansion of the George Mason University campus in Arlington will host 15,000 students in undergraduate and graduate computer science and related degree programs.

Virginia is also launching a $2 billion investment that will double the number of computer science and related degrees produced in Virginia within 20 years. Investments span from K-12 curricula to doctoral degree programs and everything in between.

"We were particularly impressed by the dedication to higher education and the K-12 talent pipeline [in Virginia]. The investments the local community and the state are going to make are really going to augment the great talent pipeline, which is a primary reason we chose the Commonwealth for this new headquarters."

Holly Sullivan, Head of Worldwide Economic Development at Amazon



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