Small Business Focus: The BizLaunch Pitch Event

March 11, 2024


In response to the ongoing challenge of accessing capital for entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds, BizLaunch took proactive steps this year to address the issue head-on by introducing the BizLaunch Bootcamp and Pitch Event. In late January, 38 entrepreneurs convened at the Long Bridge Aquatics Center for a two-day intensive entrepreneurship training program.

During the bootcamp, participants learned the art of crafting a compelling pitch presentation and gained valuable insights into business planning, marketing strategy, digital tools and much more. Now, on Friday, March 15, they are poised to put these newly acquired skills into practice at the BizLaunch Pitch Event.

All 38 entrepreneurs who took part in January’s BizLaunch Bootcamp were eligible to participate in Friday’s pitch event. Of these 38 businesses, 13 took advantage of this opportunity, having their pitches approved by a BizLaunch mentor. Now, these businesses will pitch their businesses/ideas for a chance to be awarded over $5,000 in free capital and/or one of two technology packages generously provided by Nub8.

Whether you are a seasoned entrepreneur, a small business resource provider or a creative thinker with a passion for entrepreneurship, we extend an invitation to join us on Friday, March 15, 2024, at 10:00 a.m. to show your support for the 13 entrepreneurs who have diligently honed their pitches.