Start a Small Business

Start a Small Business in Arlington, Virginia

Starting a small business can feel daunting, but don’t worry, we're here to guide you through it. Below is an overview of everything you will need to do when opening a business in Arlington, Virginia. 

To help you tackle the process, we've created a video series with experts speaking in-depth about each step of the process. And to make sure you don't miss any important action items, take a look at our How to Start a Business Checklist. To keep yourself on track, it can be helpful to print out the checklist and cross off tasks as you complete them. 

If at any point you need support, don't forget the BizLaunch team is ready to assist whenever you need them!


Step 1. Research Your Market and Write A Business Plan

Do your homework and put your business idea down on paper.
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Step 2: Fund Your Business

Determine how you will fund your business and start tracking down your financing.
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Step 3. Select Your Advisors

Bring in savvy legal and financial advisors to create a strong foundation for your business.
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Step  4. Find Out What Licensing and Tax Requirements Apply to Your Business

Track down any licensing or tax requirements that could impact your business.
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Step 5. Draft Your Marketing Plan

Define your audience and map out a detailed marketing action plan.
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Step 6: Launch Your Business

Congratulations! You are ready to set a date and officially launch your small business! 

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