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Top Place for Business

Arlington and Virginia have been recognized as top places to do business for many years, and it is easy to see why. The Commonwealth of Virginia has ranked in the top 3 of CNBC's Top States for Business ranking since 2019, earning the #1 spot in 2019 and 2021. 

Here in Arlington, we offer not only a stable government structure with a solid Triple-AAA bond rating for more than two decades, but also a statewide corporate income tax rate of 6% (lower than the national median of 6.8%) that has remained unchanged for 50 years. This means stability for the community and stability for your business.

Additionally, Arlington offers an abundant, talented workforce, a lower cost of living than comparable destinations and transit accessibility. The proximity to the nation's capital means unparalleled access to top decision makers, federal departments and thriving clusters representing a variety of industries, from aerospace to tech.



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Top State for Business

Growing for All the Right Reasons

Benefiting from stable and responsible government, access to a large, talented workforce, a high quality of life and unmatched infrastructure, the Arlington business environment fosters growth. 

The Arlington and Northern Virginia economy has experienced a consistent, steady growth over the past few decades, making the region a reliable choice for companies seeking to expand. As one of the top economic regions in the state, businesses in the region have access to an ever-expanding pool of both talent and consumers to support operational growth.


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Low and Stable Corporate Income Tax Rate

Virginia’s corporate income tax has not increased in the last 50 years and is the lowest of the surrounding states. At 6%, Virginia’s corporate income tax is below the national median of 6.8%. 

The Arlington business community benefits from stable and competitive tax rates compared to other jurisdictions in the region. Business taxes depend on the sector and size of your business.

To learn about how the cost of doing business in Virginia compares to other states, view Virginia’s state-by state-comparison tool.