TechConnect: Low-Code Software Drives Growth for Deft Consulting

This month’s TechConnect Profile will highlight Arlington-based Deft Consulting. Founded in 2016, Deft Consulting is a professional services firm specializing in low-code software implementations and committed to helping companies reach their peak efficiency, productivity, and profitability through effective business process design and automation. 

Deft provides its services to multiple government agencies and some of the largest private wealth management, hedge fund, investment management, and pharmaceutical companies in the world. A few of Deft’s major clients include the Department of Defense, Chevron Phillips, DoubleLine Capital, and First Republic Bank. This year and for the second year in a row, Deft Consulting made the Inc. 5000 Regionals list of the fastest-growing companies in the D.C. Metro coming in 61st in the region.    

We connected with Deft Consulting’s CEO, Scott Frantz, to discuss the company’s interesting work with its clients, its growth since its founding in 2016, and the reasons the company chose Arlington to launch and grow. 

The work Deft Consulting is doing helping government and private clients across the United States. Can you tell us a little more about the work you do with your clients? 

Scott: Our goal is to help make our clients as efficient and productive as possible. Oftentimes, companies are held back by manual, outdated, and error-prone processes that have become inefficient and don’t provide visibility into what’s actually happening. We build custom software applications to transform these inefficient processes through automation, advanced business logic, and an intuitive user experience that provides the right information, to the right people, at the right time. We build these applications quickly, with a focus on quality, and at a competitive price. Then, we continually update these applications as our clients’ business needs grow and change, ensuring that they continue to operate as efficiently and productively as possible. 

Since its founding in 2016, Deft Consulting has experienced rapid growth. Tell us a little more about that journey and the company’s plans for future growth. 

Scott: We initially made a name for ourselves as one of the top delivery partners for Appian, the first public “low-code” company. Our successful delivery granted us Appian’s highest partner rank, as well as a special “Trusted” designation afforded to only a select few partners. As the demand for low-code rose exponentially, we established ourselves as one of the most trusted, highest-quality vendors in the space. We also launched the first-ever nearshore Appian delivery practice in late 2016. Nearshore is unique in that our team members are based in US time zones in Latin America, allowing for cost-effective delivery without sacrificing communication or quality. Our unique offerings, emphasis on quality delivery, and proven track record led to our significant growth. 

As we target future growth, we’re expanding our toolset and forming strategic partnerships that will provide further optimization options for our clients. On the technology side, we’re adding partnerships with Microsoft and Bizagi to broaden our offerings and tools at our disposal. On the delivery side, we’re teaming up with well-known consultancy firms such as Accenture and Booz Allen Hamilton to synergize our skillsets to tackle some of the nation’s most complex low-code implementations. We will continue our uncompromising approach to quality made possible by an unbelievable team of exceptional individuals. 

As an Arlington-based tech business, what are some of the biggest reasons tech companies should consider the community to launch and grow their business? 

Scott: We moved our headquarters to Arlington in 2018, and we were immediately blown away by Arlington’s support infrastructure. AED, the Chamber of Commerce, and NVTC helped jumpstart our setup and expansion in a new region. The surge and opportunity to connect with like-minded technology businesses in the area acted as a force multiplier for us. To top it off, that growth was augmented by an extremely strong base of tech talent and close proximity to many federal and commercial clients with a willingness to invest in tech. 

For more information on Deft Consulting and its services, visit If you are a startup tech company looking to launch or grow your business in Northern Virginia, please visit AED's resource page and contact Adam Henry, Business Development Manager, for more information.   

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