TechConnect: DeepSig Opens AI Lab in Rosslyn and Raises $5M in Series A

This month, Arlington Economic Development has been celebrating innovation and Arlington-based DeepSig is the embodiment of the innovation that is happening right here in our community. Founded in 2017, DeepSig Inc. is a venture-backed and product-centric technology company developing revolutionary wireless processing software solutions by using cutting-edge machine learning techniques to transform baseband processing, wireless sensing, and other key wireless applications. In February 2020, the company announced its raise of $5 million in Series A financing to help advance AI in 5G radio access networks.  

In March 2021, DeepSig announced the opening of its 5G Wireless AI Lab in Rosslyn. According to the press release, “the lab includes an end-to-end 5G network using state-of-art, commercial-grade, multi-vendor products and tools. The 5G Wireless AI Lab focuses on measuring and validating machine learning software on over-the-air calls and data using 5G Open virtual radio access network (vRAN) and signal classification for dynamic spectrum allocation and interference mitigation.” 

We interviewed DeepSig’s CEO, Jim Shea, who offered some great insights on the innovations the company is working on and the perks to having his business in Arlington.  

  • Arlington Economic Development is excited about DeepSig’s recent announcement about the opening of its 5G Wireless AI Lab in Rosslyn. Can you talk about some of the things DeepSig wants to accomplish with the new lab? 

The first objective is to demonstrate, in a live 5G system, that AI makes 5G work better and reduces costs by replacing decades-old algorithms with AI neural nets that learn how to maintain the best call quality while using lower-cost servers. The second is to demonstrate that AI can monitor the wireless environment to warn of unintentional interference or attempts at cyber intrusion. 

  • Can you explain the significance of the 5G network and how it will transform the daily operations of businesses and consumers?  

In addition to the higher speeds that consumers will experience, 5G has higher reliability and lower latency than 4G, and makes it easy to set up private networks. This lets factories replace fixed wiring with wireless, makes control of delivery drones more reliable, and will play a key role in the networks that support self-driving vehicles.  

  • What do you see as the biggest asset in Arlington for venture-backed companies like DeepSig being located here? 

Arlington has a great ecosystem of highly experienced engineers and scientists. The workforce helps our business find the best talent and continue to grow rapidly. Also, multiple universities in the area provide a source a new graduates and continuing education. Virginia Tech’s new Innovation campus will help to supply even more new tech graduates in the future. 

  • As technology companies continue to innovate what do you believe to be the biggest resource to companies to help in their efforts? 

The ability to collaborate with nearby companies and Government Agencies that provide business opportunities and validation of product strategies along with investor groups willing to invest in early-stage companies are key resources to allow companies to rapidly grow. Arlington’s tech ecosystem provides a diverse talent pool, lively neighborhoods, a friendly business environment and access to many great assets and partners to help companies like DeepSig continue to innovate and grow.  

For more information on DeepSig and its products and services, please visit If you are a startup tech company looking to launch or grow your business in Northern Virginia, please visit AED's resource page and contact Adam Henry, Business Development Manager, for more information.  


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