Don't mute your communications strategies

Restaurants everywhere have quickly figured out that to stay viable, they have to be visible. Some are constant with offers on multiple online platforms while others display oversized banners where takeout and pickup are available. But not all businesses understand or know how to flex their marketing and communications muscles. In order to stay top of mind, small businesses often rely on repeat customers and don't have a team or even an individual PR manager.

Even though a company may not have resources to fully staff a communications campaign, there is a growing amount of help, often free, from big experts who are offering everything from top advise to hands on workshops. Arlington’s Grassfed Media has stepped in to offer PR Dos and Don'ts During the Crisis, a free Zoom workshop on April 22 that will jump start an organization’s efforts to make headlines (only good ones) and get the attention the business needs. Considering a pitch to a reporter? Check here first.

Reaching out to a local communication firm can be the fastest way to connect to customers. Knowing the community and the lay of the land is what makes an agile marketing and design agency like Clarendon’s Winking Fish well suited to getting quick results. Their role on the Clarendon Alliance board is another commitment to the community.

On a bigger scale, a regional forum for marketing and PR like Capitol Communicator hosts the trends in the field and features many best practices from across the industry. In frequent updates, the newsletter digest reflects real time changes across disciplines.

And don’t forget to turn to the industry umbrella organizations. With conferences cancelled and postponed, many like AAFDC and AIGA are now using their online presence to be the professional resource for everything from supporting their members to making a difference in their communities.

How is your business responding and changing? Let us know.

Topic: Creative Economy
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