BizLaunch Featured Business: Cultural Quotient Corporation

Arlingtonian Cameron Childs spent many years working in business development for federal research. During that time, he saw lots of inefficiency in how new technologies were brought into the market…if they were at all. He decided there needed to be a way to ensure new technologies that were developed were commercialized into their best uses, and so he decided it was time to think about starting his own business to help do just that. Earlier this year, he officially opened Cultural Quotient Corporation in Crystal City.

“I wanted to start my business in an area where I knew there were a lot of opportunities to interact with people in my business world,” says Childs, who calls Arlington the ideal place for his venture. “I had worked for years in the Washington D.C. area and I have many contacts already in the area. I also know that many of the large businesses that work with federal research and engage in government contracting have offices and look for opportunities in the D.C .area.”

Childs works with federal and academic laboratories to move new technologies into real-world applications. He calls his business “a service to commercialize technology” and says that no one else is currently working in this particular field.

“I do and would like to continue to attract clients such as the Department of Energy, National Institute of Standards and Technology, various branches of the military and a plethora of private and public businesses that work in the realm of the technologies I am and will be advancing. I will continue to see technological interactions that many will miss because of my diversification. These interactions lead to new products. Apple came up with the iPhone in very much the same way.”  

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