Aerospace and Defense

Aerospace and Defense companies choose Arlington, VA for immediate access to the nation’s top customers,
decision makers and workforce.

Facts and Figures

  • Each of the top ten global aerospace and defense (A&D) companies has a significant presence in the Washington D.C. region, seven of which have offices in Arlington.
  • Arlington has a rich ecosystem of innovative companies leveraging federal funding to create and develop new product lines with application in the A&D sector, such as Battlespace, PAE, SRI International and System Planning Corporation.
  • As home to the U.S Department of Defense, Arlington is a natural choice for A&D companies offering unparalleled access to Capitol Hill and key agencies such as the Pentagon, DARPA, DHS and NASA.
  • Arlington boasts the highest concentration of millennials and the highest level of educated residents in the nation. Over 70% of adult residents hold a Bachelor’s degree or higher and most are engaged in the professional, scientific and technical fields.

Why Arlington


The U.S. Department of Defense, the world’s largest A&D customer, is headquartered in Arlington, Virginia.

Decision Makers

Capitol Hill is a quick trip from anywhere in Arlington, affording easy access to the nation’s A&D policymakers.

Competitive Operating Costs

Arlington has access to all of the capital’s tremendous resources while offering lower taxes and real estate costs.

Highly Skilled Workforce

Arlington is the most educated county in the nation offering employers access to over 300,000 workers in the A&D sectors.


Arlington A&D Ecosystem

Notable Companies

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