Cavendish Nuclear Enters Next Phase of Growth in the U.S.

December 14, 2023 | By Sindy Yeh


Cavendish Nuclear Inc. (CNUSA), a U.S. Incorporated, wholly owned subsidiary of Babcock International Group, has recently expanded to a new office location in National Landing.  The company also appointed its Corporate Board of Directors and held its first Board meeting in September 2023 at its headquarters in Arlington.

These steps represent the next phase of growth and build on the work CNUSA is already actively pursuing in the U.S., including the successful award of the Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion Plant Decontamination and Decommissioning Contract in Piketon, Ohio which, along with its partners, marks the company’s entry into the Tier 1 contractor category supporting the U.S. Department of Energy.

Arlington Economic Development spoke with Rick Provencher, Senior Vice President for CNUSA:

What are the benefits you’ve seen with an office location in Arlington?
There is a huge benefit to the Arlington Office location to Cavendish Nuclear USA (CNUSA) and other companies due the proximity to Reagan airport, U.S. government agencies, and Congress in the greater D.C. area.  Being a subsidiary of a U.K. company, it provides a convenient location for U.K. and U.S. personnel to travel for meetings and conferences.  Many of our teaming partner companies are also located in the greater Arlington area making it a great location to meet with them during the normal course of business or while attending conferences. The DOE’s National Cleanup Workshop is held in Arlington each year and we can attend that while conducting other business in the area during that time. Having an office in Arlington makes it very convenient.

What advice would you have for companies about Arlington/Washington, D.C. area when considering a location? 
This area is a power base for the USA and an office in Arlington provides a convenient location to meet with key decision makers and corporate partners. The area of Crystal City in Arlington is going through a renaissance with significant investment in new facilities and technology to make this area a hub for business development and growth for the coming decades. Arlington is very supportive of economic development and facilitates businesses in moving to the area and succeeding. In addition, Virginia Tech is developing a large campus in Arlington making it a hub for interface and exchange between academia, business startups and government agencies.

Where do you see the industry growing in Arlington in the coming years?  
There is significant investment and development currently going into the future of Arlington with the establishment of Amazon’s Headquarters, the Virginia Tech campus, and improvements to convenient access to Reagan Airport.  There is also an effort to bring the latest state of the art in 5G communications and data transfer capability to support the needs of current corporate residents and the growth anticipated to continue into the future.