The COVID-19 health pandemic has both presented new challenges and exacerbated existing challenges for small businesses. Eligible businesses are encouraged to apply to receive specialized and in-depth assistance from Revby

ReVitalize is a partnership between BizLaunch and Revby that was designed to support small companies looking to strengthen or adapt their business and focus on increasing sustainability in the following the key areas:  

  • Financial Management and Sourcing Capital  
  • Strategic Planning 
  • Marketing and Branding 
  • Digital Presence 
  • Basic Legal Structure(s), Documentation(s) and Policy Requirement(s)  

Each business that participates in ReVitalize will receive a minimum of two hours of technical assistance, including a one-hour assessment which will determine the key areas of focus. A minimum of 15 businesses will be selected each month for technical assistance from a pool of eligible applicants. All applicants who meet eligibility requirements will enter a lottery. 

Note – If selected, Arlington County will pay a maximum of 3-4 hours of complimentary consultation from a certified vendor through fees associated with assisting your business during the health pandemic. Arlington County will fund the ReVitalize program until December 31, 2021 or as the funding is depleted.


ReVitalize Eligibility Requirements 

To be eligible to participate in the ReLaunch ReVitalize initiative a business must: 

  • Be located in Arlington County; 
  • Have fewer than 50 employees at the Arlington location; 
  • A 2021 Arlington Business License; 
  • Operate as a business in Arlington within at least the last 6 months 

The following businesses are ineligible to apply: 

  • Franchise businesses, except for those franchises which are locally owned and operated; 
  • Businesses that are engaged in illegal activities; or 
  • Government entities, including political divisions of the Commonwealth. 


Rolling Application Process 

  • The ReLaunch Team will verify your submitted information and then recommend a business to be entered into the monthly lottery. 
  • If your business is selected, the BizLaunch Team will notify you of the next steps your business will need to take. 
  • If the business is eligible and not randomly selected, your business name will roll to the next month up through December 2021 or until all of the funds are utilized. 
  • If the business is ineligible you will receive a notification.  



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