The COVID-19 pandemic rapidly accelerated the role of digital technology in business. Seventy-five percent of individuals using digital platforms for the first-time, during COVID-19, plan to continue these digital activities long-term. Despite this shift towards digital selling and purchasing, 45.2% of small businesses in Virginia still do not use online platforms to offer goods or services.  

The ReLaunch ReNew initiative strengthens the digital footprint of small businesses in Arlington by ensuring their technology is secure, effective and instills a robust online presence. Through ReNew, a cohort of eligible small businesses will receive a technology assessment by Amazon Web Service (AWS) partners in collaboration with Arlington. Depending on the specific needs of each businesses eligible applicants could receive a website update, best digital practices for efficiency and cybersecurity as well as online tools for the businesses to be found online. Services also include eCommerce tools and more. 

Note – If selected, Arlington County will pay for the base fees of developing an online Website, and associated monthly maintenance fees until the close of business on June 30, 2023. If you have been selected for an eCommerce platform tool Arlington County will pay the base fees and monthly maintenance fees for one year from the date you're selected for the program.

ReNew Eligibility Requirements: 

To be eligible to participate in the ReLaunch ReNew initiative a business must: 

  • Be located in Arlington; 
  • Have fewer than 50 employees at the Arlington location; 
  • Have a 2021 Arlington Business License; 
  • Operate as a business in Arlington within the last month 

The following businesses are ineligible to apply: 

  • Franchise businesses, except for those franchises which are locally owned and operated; 
  • Businesses that are engaged in illegal activities; or 
  • Government entities, including political divisions of the Commonwealth. 

Rolling Application Process 

  • The ReLaunch Team will verify your submitted information and then recommend a business be entered into the monthly lottery. 
  • If your business is selected, the BizLaunch Team will notify you of next steps the business will need to take. 
  • If the business is eligible and not randomly selected, your business will roll to the next month through December 2021, or until funds are utilized. 
  • If the business is ineligible you will receive a notification.  


Please read before you Apply:

Tips to ReVitalize Successfully 

  • Time. Please ensure you have the time to dedicate to the program. If we are unable to communicate with you or a representative of your business (no returned emails or phone calls) for five business days, you will automatically be placed in the back of the queue. There is a strong demand for the business consulting services, and we want to ensure we help as many clients as possible. 
  • Reschedule. Let us know as soon as possible if you have vacation, or other obligations planned. We can arrange with our consultant, Nub8, powered by AWS, to reschedule your technology expansion for another month. The process to launch on average is 4–6 weeks. Things do come up and we can accommodate the unexpected. 
  • Please, no ghosting. We are here for you! If an issue comes up or you cannot complete the program, please let us know as soon as possible. It is okay if you decide to go in a different direction, but kindly let us know.
  • Trust. Arlington County undertook a rigorous purchasing process to hire the best consultant to help with your business needs. If you feel uncomfortable, please feel free to reach out to us at 703-228-0808 or [email protected] with any questions.  


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Additional Tools to Launch Online

Check out our kick off webinar from Jan. 27, 2021 with Amazon Web Services, to learn how you to receive free technical assistance to implement technology in your small business. 

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