BizLaunch Featured Business: McNeil Creative Enterprises

A new Arlington business is helping artists and arts organizations in the area achieve their goals and ignite growth. McNeil Creative Enterprises (MCE), led by founder and president Alison McNeil, launched earlier this year with the goal of sustainable growth and increased visibility of arts and culture in communities.

“My passion for the arts led me to open MCE,” says McNeil, who worked in performing arts and education for more than 15 years before starting the venture. She consults artists and arts organizations to help them secure grants and form strategic partnerships that expand equity and access. With years of experience working in front of and behind the spotlight with arts groups, she saw firsthand what skills were needed to help her clients achieve their goals.

However, she says it was AED’s BizLaunch and SCORE mentoring that really helped her flesh out her business goals and strategy in Arlington and beyond. “I’m thankful for the time spent, the advice offered and the continued encouragement,” she says. “It feels like I have my own cheerleaders in my corner!”

McNeil says as her business grows, she’s committed to staying part of Arlington’s thriving arts community, and she’s committed to a philosophy of connection and performance for her clients – a commitment that seems ideal for someone fueled by a passion for the arts. 

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