BizLaunch Featured Business: Integrated Project Controls

Integrated Project Controls, LLC founder Maurice Touzard says owning his own business was something he knew he’d do at an early age. “This passion for business started when I was about 14 years old,” he says. “For me as an entrepreneur every day is a journey, I am a risk taker and fearless, nothing is going to stop until I succeed.” Three years ago, he founded the construction cost consulting company in Arlington, where he works with architects, engineers, general contractors and developers at estimating construction costs.

IPC logoCalling Arlington a friendly county and a place with a lot of opportunity, Touzard says he’s very thankful for services like Arlington Economic Development’s BizLaunch. “I discovered BizLaunch browsing the internet and looking for network events where I could mingle with entrepreneurs,” he remembers. “In one of those meetings I met Lourdes Morales, and she was very supportive on helping my business. She and I got together several times to determine the best approach for my firm. I am very grateful to be around people like Mrs. Morales.”

But what Touzard says he’s most passionate about is the world of entrepreneurship.

“Entrepreneurship is for those who take what they are given in life and rather than accept it as their fate, go all out using what they have been given to get what they really want. Entrepreneurship is about using your life to do what you really love and truly care about – passion. It’s not about submitting to the status quo (enjoying being comfortable); it’s about challenging the status quo (creating change). A true entrepreneur at their very core is a renegade; someone who is bent on creating change even though it means going against the norm.

Passion must be a key ingredient for achieving success in business. If you ask me, I would say it’s at the foundation of entrepreneurship, without it, every other thing is just work. Passion gives our business a reason for being besides making profits, the day that you stop thinking your passion will die.”

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