BizLaunch Featured Business: Healthy Happy Heart CPR

Healthy Happy Heart CPR owner Maria Delmy Vialpando has been around entrepreneurship her entire life.  She grew up around entrepreneurs and decided early on that creating her own company would be a lifelong dream. That dream was realized at the beginning of this year, when she founded Healthy Happy Heart CPR, LLC, which provides CPR and first aid training.

“I find the fulfillment in the challenges and rewards of risk taking required from business ventures,” she says. “Helping others in their quest to improve themselves is my passion. As an entrepreneur, I have the freedom to do it and have the opportunity of making a difference in their lives.”

Delmy started weekly mentoring sessions with BizLaunch’s SCORE counselors, who provide advice and assistance for budding entrepreneurs on everything from writing a business plan to navigating permits. She also attended numerous workshops offered through BizLaunch, which she says brought her a realistic approach to bring about a successful new enterprise.

“My weekly mentorship sessions became a source of encouragement and guidance,” she remembers. “They listen to my ideas and join in the excitement of my vision, helping me through the hurdles during the early stages. SCORE mentorship has been key to my achievements as well as essential for my future development.”

Less than a year into her business, Delmy says she couldn’t be happier in her decision to bring her business to Arlington. It’s a vibrant, supportive community, she says, with a collaborative atmosphere that empowers small businesses to run successfully and develop strong connections.

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