BizLaunch Feature Business: WAY Tipping

Since March, BizLaunch has been working with innovative startups who are developing solutions to help adjust to a new normal. With digital payments expected to continue to rise, WAY (We Appreciate you) Tipping creates a digital tip jar for businesses that is simple, fast, contactless and secure.  

“We’ve all been in situations where we wanted to show appreciation for excellent customer service, but either didn’t have any cash or the right denomination,” says founder Howard Goldstein. WAY Tipping seeks to address this problem by creating a digital option to show appreciation that is safe and secure.  

“We don’t charge any fees, nor take any share of the tips. Our focus is simply to create a platform that makes it easier for customers to show their appreciation,” says Goldstein. Founded in August of this year, WAY Tipping was developed as a response from members in the Arlington community seeking to support front line workers and small businesses. “It’s great to be a part of such a community,” says Goldstein.  

While in beta testing, WAY Tipping can be downloaded in the app store for free, and the founder is seeking users’ feedback in order to enhance the user experience. “Arlington residents are seeking opportunities to say thank you to essential workers at local businesses. We hope our platform can play a small role in helping the community show gratitude to essential workers who make daily life possible during this difficult time,” says Goldstein. 

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