Enhancing Outdoor Dining Arlington County's Regulations & Application

May 7, 2024

Guapos in Shirlington

In September 2023, Arlington County adopted a new chapter of the Arlington County Code addressing the private use of public spaces, including sidewalks and plazas, for outdoor dining. The chapter requires any restaurant with outdoor seating in a public space to secure an Outdoor Café License and renew it annually. 

The County is now reminding restaurants with an Occupancy Permit for outdoor seating of this requirement. Those with outdoor seating in public areas, like sidewalks or plazas, must obtain a County Outdoor Café License by July 1, 2024, to continue operating outdoors

The Outdoor Café License application, along with all required information and documents, can be submitted electronically via the County’s Outdoor Dining webpage, which also features a pre-application checklist.