Arlington Named #1 for Black Entrepreneurs

We all know that Arlington's diverse business atmosphere and resources for people looking to start and grow their own business are extraordinary, but now, research website GoodCall agrees. Arlington, along with neighboring Washington, D.C. and Alexandria, has been named the #1 city for black entrepreneurs by the site, which helps consumers make educated choices about their careers, finances, college choices and more. A total of 375 metro areas were evaluated on the best opportunities for success for African-American businesses based on analysis of official government data economic health, educational attainment, networking opportunity and unemployment rates.

“African Americans make up 13% of the U.S. population yet only own 7% of the country’s businesses,” says Paul Southerland, Lead Analyst for “In addition, African American-owned businesses employ less than 1% of all total employment in the country and drive less than .5% of total revenue. We at feel it is important to identify the regions that stand out against these statistics - those that are affording black entrepreneurs the best chance possible to succeed.”

“Arlington embraces a diverse selection of business ventures, and we’re proud of the work we’ve done in helping many of those businesses – from restaurants and home-based operations to IT consultants and government contractors – start and grow their business goals,” said Tara Palacios, director of Arlington’s BizLaunch Small Business Assistance Network at Arlington Economic Development, who was also recently honored by the Northern VA Black Chamber of Commerce. “The business community here is also extremely supportive of each other, and the many networking opportunities are more than just exchanging business cards. They’re a way businesses can welcome and learn from each other for mutual success.”

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