Phalanx to Focus on Marketing and Strategic Partnerships with Grant

February 5, 2024


Arlington announced that it awarded $225K to five Arlington-based startup companies as part of the Arlington Innovation Fund (AIF) Catalyst Grant Program. The Catalyst Grant Program is a tool to help increase funding for early-stage technology startups through technical assistance and non-dilutive, co-investment grants ranging from $25,000 – $50,000.

Phalanx is a Cybersecurity company specializing in lightweight data loss prevention and document mapping solutions. The company is also a Catalyst Grant recipient. They transform workspaces like Office 365 and Google Workspace into secure systems that provide risk intelligence of sensitive documents and automate risk mitigation security. We spoke with Ian Garrett, CEO and Co-founder of Phalanx, to learn more about his startup and plans for the Catalyst Grant.

Tell us about your company and how it will innovate your respective industry?

Ian: Phalanx is set to be a game-changer in the cybersecurity landscape, particularly in transforming how organizations handle data security. At its core, Phalanx acknowledges that the human element is both a vital and vulnerable aspect of cybersecurity. By designing Phalanx MUZE with a focus on user-friendliness and automation, Phalanx directly addresses the common issue of human error, which is a leading cause of data breaches. This approach significantly reduces the likelihood of accidental data mishandling, making data security more accessible and less intimidating for everyday users. The intuitive design ensures that employees can maintain their normal workflow without the added burden of complex security protocols, thereby fostering a more security-conscious culture within organizations.

Phalanx is poised to disrupt the traditional Data Loss Prevention (DLP) market, which has been criticized for its lengthy deployment times and cumbersome management requirements. In contrast, Phalanx offers a more agile and efficient solution, particularly appealing to organizations looking for a balance between robust security and operational efficiency. By streamlining the security process and reducing deployment timeframes, Phalanx not only enhances data protection but also liberates IT teams from the extensive overhead typically associated with traditional DLP systems. This shift is crucial for modern businesses that require dynamic and responsive security solutions to keep pace with the rapidly evolving digital environment. Ultimately, Phalanx is not just offering a product; we’re providing a new paradigm in data security that aligns with the needs and realities of today's organizations.

How will grant funding from the Arlington Innovation Fund impact your growth plans?

Ian: Receiving grant funding from the Arlington Innovation Fund is a significant milestone for Phalanx, and we’re excited to be supported by such a great growing innovation hub. The funds will help us to accelerate our growth and further our support to IT & Cybersecurity service providers, which will ultimately help small businesses operate with less fear surrounding cybersecurity attacks.

Additionally, the grant will support Phalanx's efforts to increase its market presence. This expansion is not just about reaching new customers but also about forging strategic partnerships and collaborations that can amplify the impact of its solutions. By leveraging the Arlington Innovation Fund’s support, Phalanx can also focus on enhancing its marketing and sales strategies, ensuring that its innovative approach to data security reaches and resonates with a wider audience.

How long has your company been in Arlington and what made you choose Arlington as a place to do business?

Ian: Phalanx has been rooted in Arlington since its inception in January 2021. Our decision to base the company in Arlington was strategic and multifaceted. Arlington has a close proximity to the nation's capital, offers a unique blend of access to key commercial firms and governmental agencies, a thriving tech ecosystem, and a pool of top-tier talent, especially in the fields of cybersecurity and technology. This environment has been great for fostering collaborations, accessing vital networks, and recruiting skilled professionals who are integral to our growth and innovation.

Also, Arlington's vibrant and forward-thinking community aligns well with Phalanx's mission and values. Arlington's commitment to supporting startups and innovation, highlighted by initiatives like the Arlington Innovation Fund, creates an ideal setting for a cybersecurity company like ours to thrive.

The impact of the Catalyst Grant Program extends to additional startups to which Arlington also recently awarded grant funding: Dispatchr Technologies, LLC, Freely Payments, LLC, GenLogs Corporation, Seamless Transition.

Applications for the second cohort of Catalyst Grantees are now open and close on March 10, 2024. For more information about the Arlington Innovation Fund and/or to apply for the next round of funding, please visit