Seamless Transition Pursues Patent with Catalyst Grant Funding

February 5, 2024

Seamless Transition

Arlington announced that it awarded $225K to five Arlington-based startup companies as part of the Arlington Innovation Fund (AIF) Catalyst Grant Program. The Catalyst Grant Program is a tool to help increase funding for early-stage technology startups through technical assistance and non-dilutive, co-investment grants ranging from $25,000 – $50,000.

Seamless Transition is one of the grant recipients and is a medical device company creating a prosthetic knee that mimics the movement of natural human limbs. This allows service members and civilians with disabilities to regain their natural mobility and maintain active lifestyles. We spoke to Sarah Malinowski, CEO/Founder of Seamless Transition, to learn more about her startup and how she plans to use the grant funding.

Tell us about your company and how it will innovate your respective industry?

Sarah: Seamless Transition is on a mission to revolutionize the lives of warfighters and veterans by introducing an innovative prosthetic knee that goes beyond mere functionality. This cutting-edge technology allows active warfighters to effortlessly meet and surpass deployment fitness requirements, seamlessly transitioning between walking and running without external input. Inspired by the natural movement of a knee, our design reduces the risk of injuries associated with uneven gaits at high speeds, ensuring a more balanced and lifelike experience.

What sets Seamless Transition apart is its singular, versatile prosthetic limb, eliminating the need for multiple devices and lowering upfront medical costs. This not only streamlines the user experience but also promotes mental well-being, enabling our heroes to focus on their active lives without constraints. At Seamless Transition, we're not just advancing prosthetics; we're transforming lives, empowering individuals to embrace boundless possibilities and embody the resilience and strength inherent in those who serve.

How will grant funding from the Arlington Innovation Fund impact your growth plans?

Sarah: The grant funding from the Arlington Innovation Fund is a pivotal catalyst for our growth plans. With these resources, we'll be able to secure a full patent for our innovative design using the current provisional patent. Additionally, the funds will be allocated toward engaging an FDA consultant to ensure the thoroughness of our tests for FDA approval. This financial support ensures that we have the necessary legal and regulatory groundwork in place. Any surplus funds will be channeled towards refining our design post-testing, underscoring our commitment to delivering a high-quality product to market without disruptions. This grant propels us forward on our trajectory, eliminating any potential delays and allowing us to focus unwaveringly on our mission.

How long has your company been in Arlington and what made you choose Arlington as a place to do business?

Sarah: Seamless Transition has proudly called Arlington home for the past two years, and our decision to establish roots here has proven to be a game-changer. The strategic location in close proximity to key government and medical facilities has not only facilitated seamless collaboration but also offered unparalleled convenience. Navigating the vibrant DMV area, including easy access to Washington D.C., is a breeze without the usual traffic hassles, ensuring punctuality and a stress-free experience for meetings. Arlington's dynamic atmosphere strikes the perfect balance between fostering productivity and creating a welcoming environment, where the day begins with the enjoyment of a fresh cup of coffee. From the prime physical location to the uplifting ambiance, Arlington stands as an exceptional backdrop for any business, elevating our journey and amplifying our positive impact.

The impact of the Catalyst Grant Program extends beyond Seamless Transitions. Arlington also recently awarded grant funding to four other Arlington startups: Freely Payments, LLC, GenLogs Corporation, Phalanx and Dispatchr Technologies, LLC.

Applications for the second cohort of Catalyst Grantees are now open and close on March 10, 2024. For more information about the Arlington Innovation Fund and/or to apply for the next round of funding, please visit

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