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Branding Tools   


Branding Resources, Blogs and Videos  


Marketing and Advertising Tools    

  • Google Analytics allows you to see your website traffic, which website campaigns were most successful, and discover the most popular keywords for your business. 

  • Google My Business is a key tool for reaching more customers and improving your business’s SEO. Customers are 38% more likely to visit businesses with a complete listing on Google. 

  • Google Alerts allows you to track anytime your business is mentioned online, or even when a competitor is mentioned online. This helps you track what customers are saying about you and your competition. 

  • Google Keyword Planner allows you to enter your business keywords into Google Keywords and find information on average monthly searches and competitiveness. 

  • CPM Calculator computes the cost effectiveness of media campaign

  • Storefront sign maker.

  • Facebook Business Page is a great way to connect your business directly with customers and increase your engagement and social media presence. 

  • Facebook Insights provides data and information about the people visiting a business page to better target customers. Facebook also provides step-by-step help for getting started with Insights.  

  • Angie’s List is a free listing site for professionals in health care and home contracting services .

  • Ubersuggest analyzes and suggests keywords for better SEO. Users can take advantage of three free keyword searches per day .

  • SurveyMonkey allows business owners to create free surveys for direct feedback from their customers.

Marketing and Advertising Resources, Blogs and Videos  


Financial Management Tools    


Financial Management Resources, Blogs and Videos  


Digital Presence Tools  

  • Responsinator offers the ability to preview your site on different devices, including mobile devices, and ensure that your site is navigable across a range of brands, browsers, devices. 

  • Image Resizer

  • Shopify online Video Maker

  • Canva offers free templates and tools to create compelling visual online content, advertisements, and social media posts

  • Hello Bar creates banners to attract customers to your main products/services and drive purchases 

  • Hubspot Website Grader helps you understand if your website, social media or other online platforms are generating leads.

Digital Presence Resources, Blogs and Videos  


Customer Service/Relations Tools  

  • MailChimp is a key customer email marketing tool. It is free for up to 2,000 subscribers and you are able to segment your customers, send surveys and create tags. 

  • Gift Certificates Maker  

Customer Service/Relations Resources, Blogs and Videos  


Point-of Sales Tools  


Business Documents Tools  

Business Document Templates  


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