Senior GMU Intern Looks at Entertainment Gaming Sector

AED holds workforce development opportunities in high regard and purposely connects with area universities to foster upcoming talent. Assigned to research the market viability of an entertainment game lab proposal for Arlington, GMU's Jordan Hull met with industry and public sector leaders for a real time look at tech sector development. Under the guidance of AED staff, Jordan reflects on his experience:


This internship opportunity focused on researching the viability of the Game Entertainment and Technology lab (GET) in Arlington. With the entertainment gaming industry on the rise in past years and COVID-19 quarantine pushing it even higher, a facility like the GET has significant potential for creative sector development in Arlington. This facility would produce game design startups, aid underrepresented people (namely minorities, women and veterans) in breaking into the industry, and creative a community centered around gaming in Arlington. Using the knowledge of entertainment gaming gained from George Mason University's Computer Game Design program, I undertook looking at this proposal from June to August this year.

Since this was a remote research opportunity, most of my work took place online. I performed a lot of independent research looking at demographics, the current state of the industry within the DMV and economic conditions in and near Arlington. In addition, through connections provided by AED, I conducted interviews with people all across the state; all professionals in various fields from cutting edge tech companies, other economic and business development entities and even to veteran support organizations. Through these interviews I was able to learn a lot of valuable information and perspectives that heavily informed my research.

From this internship, I was able to not only evaluate the viability of this proposal but expand my knowledge of the game industry and forge valuable connections with AED and businesses across the state. In addition, my work will go on to help inform the course this proposal takes within AED and Arlington County. I learned a lot and I'm excited to see where this project goes.

Working as an AED intern was overall an incredible experience. Everyone I worked with was wonderful and knowledgeable, the work was both challenging and enlightening, and I got to assist with a project I truly believe could benefit Arlington and people interested in entertainment games. - Jordan Hull

Topic: Creative Economy
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