Innovation That Matters: Recognizing the Need to Thrive in a Digital Economy

Our partners at 1776 recently released a very interesting (and sometimes surprising) report that raises some real questions about how municipalities are able to adapt and capitalize on the shift to a digital economy. Innovation That Matters 2016 not only ranks 25 top US cities’ readiness to shift to a digital economy; it also discusses the nature of startups, corporations and government working together for the future – something we have worked to achieve in Arlington for quite some time through our Living Lab initiatives.

It’s an interesting concept: how will technology play a role in delivering healthcare? Emergency services?  How will the entrepreneurial sector work with corporations and the government to keep that proverbial ball rolling? How will cities survive and thrive in the digital era? Innovation That Matters 2016 takes a look at how those questions will be answered, and how ready our nation is to tackle the challenge.

Topic: BIG Update
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