Arlington Named Best Place to Retire

We know Arlington’s a great place for Millennials; after all, we’ve been named the location for the fastest-growing Millennial population by RealtyTrac and the best city for recent grads by Nerdwallet. But now, Arlington’s getting accolades from the empty nesters as well. just named Arlington as the #1 community in the country for retirement, citing the area’s low tax rate, great healthcare, excellent cultural opportunities, and high walkability score as just some of the reasons retirees should consider Arlington for their golden years home.

Bankrate ranked 200 communities around the country for the study, looking at everything from cost of living and quality of life to culture and crime rates. Arlington was named #1 because of its cultural opportunities, great health care and a strong sense of well-being among seniors. While the high cost of living is the city's main drawback, the benefits of the other categories outweighed that downside.

Topic: BIG Update
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