5 Arlington Startups Chosen to Exhibit at Collision

Arlington Economic Development (AED) has chosen five of the brightest emerging startups from Arlington to attend and exhibit with us at Collision - the nation’s fastest-growing tech conference. Collision takes place from April 30 – May 3, 2018 in New Orleans and is expected to attract almost 20,000 attendees from 119 countries. Attendees and speakers include CEOs of both the world’s fastest growing startups and the world’s largest companies, alongside leading investors and media.

The five companies that will be exhibiting with Arlington are:

Lovelytics:  Lovelytics helps business leaders organize and visualize their data to help them make better data-driven decisions.

1787fp: 1787fp builds powerful financial planning tools to track your finances, manage investments and monitor credit − on one unified platform. 1787fp has a gorgeous mobile-first design that is easy to use, and 1787fp software is powered by blockchain technologies.

Headai Microcompetencies: While robotization is automating manual tasks, Headai is developing teachable software robots (bots) to automate various everyday intellectual jobs. Headai Microcompetencies is a solution that maps the expertise of a region, city or a company to enable a skill and competence overview available to everyone, easy to research and analyze.

Festi LLC: Festi is a mobile app that allows you to create and book private events with a payment option.  It’s like Eventbrite but for private activities with the ability to follow friends and create an exclusive network. The app that allows you to book anything from dinner parties to exercise classes posted by your friends and others nearby.

RouteMarket: RouteMarket offers an online freight shipment marketplace and routing services to truck drivers and companies shipping freight. For carriers, shipments are scheduled along optimized routes to provide maximum profit by reducing deadhead miles and keeping trucks full. For shippers, RouteMarket offers a reliable one-stop interface to post freight, get notifications, track shipments, make payments for delivered loads, and track shipping metrics. 

AED partnered with the Alexandria Economic Development Partnership (AEDP) to sponsor these startups along with 5 others from Alexandria.  In March, AEDP and AED conducted an open submission process inviting Alexandria and Arlington-based startups to apply for the opportunity to attend the conference as a sponsored startup to showcase their innovative products and services on a national platform. Through the call for submissions and match process, Alexandria and Arlington selected 10 startups to join them in New Orleans later this month. With proven products and dedicated founders, these early-stage startups are a fantastic representation of NOVA’s growing and diverse startup community.

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