Arlington's Legacy Awards

Legacy Award Recipients 2017Arlington’s Legacy Awards are held every spring at the Arlington Premiere as a way for the County to honor and recognize its longest standing businesses and their contribution to our solid economy.

This year, in recognition of May’s Business Appreciation Month (BAM), we will be honoring the three “B”s of BAM. The Legacy awards will be given to the longest-standing company in each of the following categories: Bakery, Boutique and Bike Shop.

Come to the Arlington Premiere on May 8 to learn who the 2019 Legacy Award winners are!


2018 Legacy Awards

In 2018, we recognized companies who are creating legacies in several key areas reflecting Arlington County’s core values: Diversity and Inclusion, Sustainability and Social Impact. Not only do companies look for evidence of these initiatives when they consider where to locate, but employees also look for these values as they choose where to work. The fourth award category, Arlington’s Comeback Kid, showcases the resiliency of our community and its business owners.

The 2018 Legacy Award winners were: Bridges to Independence (Diversity & Inclusion), Destination Sales & Marketing (Sustainability), Joes Place Pizza & Pasta (Social Impact) and Kinderhaus Toys (Arlington’s Comeback Kid).

Companies were evaluated along the parameters below by a six-person committee from Arlington Economic Development, the Arlington Chamber of Commerce and the three Business Improvement Districts.  

Legacy Award Categories

  1. Diversity and Inclusion: Does your company have great diversity and inclusion practices? If so, please consider applying for this award which will recognize an Arlington company with long-standing, impactful and innovative diversity and inclusion practices.
  2. Sustainability: Does your company prioritize sustainability and green initiatives in the workplace? If so, please consider applying for this award which will recognize an Arlington company dedicated to sustainability through long-standing, impactful and innovative practices.
  3. Social Impact: Is your company an outstanding corporate citizen with programs and practices that benefit the community and foster a corporate culture of “giving back”? If so, we’d love to hear from you for this award, which will recognize an Arlington company for its social and community impact.
  4. Comeback Kid: Have you survived and thrived through really challenging circumstances to grow your business in Arlington (e.g. sequestration or other economic downturns)? Do you have a comeback story that inspires others? If so, please consider sharing your story with us. The most inspirational story will be shared with the 200+ audience at the next Arlington Premiere and will be recognized with an award.


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