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Arlington Economic Development and its economic development partners offer a variety of resources to businesses as they consider Arlington to establish, locate or expand its business.

Below is a searchable database of available resources we offer through AED and our economic development partners. If you have any additional questions on the available resources listed below, please connect with an experienced team member of our Business Investment Group.

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Service Provided Company Role Resource Type Description
AED BizLaunch Program
CEO Events, Services, New Business AED's BizLaunch is Arlington's small business and entrepreneurial assistance network, and your one-stop-shop for everything you'll need to know about starting or growing a business in Arlington. BizLaunch partners with a wide variety of small business organizations to provide you with information on writing a business plan, taxes, permits, licensing, marketing, financing and just about anything else you'll need to know to start or grow your business in Arlington. For more information please visit the BizLaunch webpage or contact Tara Palacios, Director of BizLaunch at [email protected].
AED Marketing and Promotional Opportunities
CEO, CMO Events, Services Our team can help your business expands its audience by working with you to take advantage of key press and media exposure opportunities, attend specialized industry networking events, nominate your business for awards, assist with meeting and conference needs. Please contact Melissa Hines, Acting Senior Business Intelligence Manager, at [email protected].
AED Webinars
CEO, CMO Events Arlington Economic Development, through its Business Investment Group and BizLaunch teams, offers a number of webinars throughout the year covering a wide variety of topics for businesses and the commercial real estate industry. For a full list of upcoming AED and other partner webinars, please visit our Events Calendar.
Arlington Chamber of Commerce
CEO, COO, CMO Events, Partnerships, Services, New Business The Arlington Chamber of Commerce is a voluntary membership organization of approximately 700 businesses. Businesses and nonprofits join the Chamber for networking and business development, community engagement, educational opportunities, marketing and to influence the voice of the business community through government affairs and advocacy. The Chamber's efforts are focused on business-to-business and business-to-community opportunities and they host more than 100 events a year.
Arlington County Business Improvement Districts (BIDs) and Partnerships
CEO, COO Events, Partnerships, Services, New Business Arlington is home to neighborhood-based partnerships and Business Improvement Districts, also referred to as BIDs. These organizations work with business owners and residents within their prospective neighborhood to build community and strengthen economic vitality.

Arlington County Commissioner of Revenue
CFO Services, New Business The Commissioner of Revenue is responsible for assessing County taxes, including business license tax and custodial tax, including meals tax, short-term rental tax, transit occupancy (hotel) tax and others.
Arlington County Constituent Services
CEO New Business The Constituent Services Team helps ensure Arlington's government works for all those living, working, conducting business or visiting the County. The team provides a link between residents, businesses, visitors and employees who have problems or are seeking information and solutions. Within the Constituent Services Team sits the Business Ombudsman, who works in partnership with the business community to help resolve issues and identify potential improvements to County administrative processes. 
Arlington County Incentives
CEO, CFO Incentives Arlington Economic Development has available incentives to businesses looking to locate or expand its operations in Arlington County. For a full list of available incentives in Arlington County, please visit the local incentives section on the AED website.
Arlington County Real Estate Search
CEO, COO Services AED's Business Investment Group will work with you to identify prospective spaces for your relocation or expansion search and lead you on guided visits to view your options and speak with brokers to get more information. As part of the guided site tour our Business Development Managers will give you a lay of the land and better feel for what makes Arlington such a unique and desirable place to do business. For more information, please contact Marian Marquez, Director, Business Investment Group at [email protected].
Arlington County Treasurer's Office
CFO Services, New Business The Treasurer is an elected official whose main responsibility is collecting the County's taxes, including business taxes.
Arlington Premiere
CEO, CMO Events The Arlington Premiere is an exclusive event where Arlington's new business owners have the opportunity to meet key leaders of our business community and learn about resources and assistance available to you just because you choose Arlington. When you start a business or move your business here, you become a member of the Arlington business community and will automatically be invited to attend the Arlington Premiere. Please visit the Arlington Premiere webpage for more information.
Arlington Public Library
CEO New Business The Arlington Public Library offers a Business Librarian who can help business owners focus business research questions, identify high-quality business or investment research tools and learn how to access and search the Library's business or investment research tools.
Arlington Transportation Partners
VP Human Resources Services Arlington Transportation Partners (ATP) is Arlington County's business-to-business transportation consulting organization, managed by The Destination Sales and Marketing Group (DS&MG). Located in Arlington, ATP implements innovative programs with expert knowledge, making us the leading transportation demand management (TDM) specialists in the country. For more information, please visit the  Arlington Transportation Partners website.
B2B Connections
CEO Partnerships Arlington Economic Development works with the business community across various industries in Arlington County. If there's an Arlington-based business your company is trying to connect with, we may be able to provide an introduction as a B2B connection. For more information, please contact Marian Marquez, Director, Business Investment Group at [email protected].
Business Appreciation Month (BAM)
CEO, CMO Events Arlington County is home to over 10, 000 business establishments, from small independent businesses to Fortune 500 companies. Every year in the month of May is Business Appreciation Month (BAM). During BAM, AED showcases our local businesses and highlights their contributions through a variety of promotional activities. For more information, please contact Marian Marquez, Director, Business Investment Group at [email protected].
Center for Innovative Technology - Funding Programs and SBIR/STTR Assistance
CEO Events, Services, Incentives The Center for Innovative Technology (CIT) creates technology-based economic development strategies to accelerate innovation, imagination and the next generation of technology and technology companies. As part of their mission, CIT accelerates next generation technologies and technology companies through a variety of initiatives, including funding programs and SBIR/STTR assistance. Please visit the CIT Initiatives webpage for more information on their available programs.
Commonwealth of Virginia Incentives
CEO, CFO Incentives In addition to available incentives in Arlington County, the Commonwealth of Virginia offers a variety of incentives for companies that are looking to locate or expand their presence in the state through the Virginia Economic Development Partnership. Please visit VEDP's Incentives webpage for a full list of incentives available through the Commonwealth of Virginia.
Company and Investor Research
CEO, CFO Services Arlington Economic Development has access to Pitchbook, the leading financial data provider that covers the global VC, PE and public markets. AED can assist businesses in company and investor research to help companies boost their marketing and business development efforts. For more information, please contact Marian Marquez, Director, Business Investment Group at [email protected].
Employee Attraction and Relocation Information
VP Human Resources Partnerships, Services The Alexandria/Arlington Regional Workforce Council serves as the local Workforce Development Board for Arlington County and Alexandria City under the federal Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA). The Regional Workforce Council assists employers with the recruitment and retention of employees by offering subsidized training for current and/or future staff; providing hiring assistance; and creating initiatives in response to local business needs. For more information on programs and assistance, please contact David Remick, Executive Director, at [email protected].
Home-Based Business Office Solutions
CEO New Business If you are one of Arlington's many home-based business we understand you may require additional tools to be successful. Arlington offers a variety of alternative real estate options, including executive suites, coworking spaces and shared spaces. All of which foster productivity and collaboration while providing the essentials for an affordable and flexible work environment. 
Innovation Commercialization Assistance Program (ICAP) – training for technology
CEO Services The Virginia SBDC ICAP provides free training programs and counseling services for technology startups and entrepreneurs. Based on the National Science Foundation’s I-Corps™ program for Lean Startups, ICAP helps startups identify potential customers and develop successful business models to bring its innovation to market. It is an ideal program for early-stage companies trying to prepare for eventual venture investment. Contact Josh Green, Director for ICAP to learn more.  
Nonprofit Connections
CEO Partnerships Arlington Is home to a cluster of nonprofit organizations with missions including environmental, health and wellness, international aid, and local aid. For companies interested charitable events and/or giving, AED can provide a list of nonprofits and make introductions when appropriate. For more information, please contact Michael Stiefvater at [email protected].
On-Site Business Retention Visits
CEO, CFO, COO, VP Human Resources Services As part of Arlington's Retention Program, one of our Business Development Managers will meet one-on-one with a member of your company's executive team to learn about your business' needs, challenges and opportunities. We'll then follow up with customized solutions and use your feedback to further pro-business programs and policies in the County. For more information, please contact Marian Marquez, Director, Business Investment Group at [email protected].
Ribbon Cuttings and Announcements
CEO, CMO Events, Services AED works with companies to take advantage of key press and media exposure opportunities, circulate major announcements, and plan groundbreakings and other ceremonies. With contacts to local, state, and federal officials, we can help companies coordinate a successful press announcement or event. For more information, please contact Marian Marquez, Director, Business Investment Group at [email protected].
Site Plans, Zoning, Permitting and Inspections
CEO, COO Services, New Business Arlington County's site plans, zoning, permitting, and inspection services is managed through the Department of Community Planning, Housing and Development. AED's Business Development Managers can act on your behalf as liaisons with other County departments, including CPHD, to streamline the planning, permitting, and zoning issues related to locating or expanding your business in Arlington.
State and Regional Partnerships
CEO Partnerships Arlington County has a number of partnerships with state and regional organizations that work towards a common economic development mission. Below are a few organizations AED can assist in making a connection.

State Workforce Development Programs
CFO, VP Human Resources Services, Incentives The Virginia Economic Development Partnership offers financial assistance and training to companies that seek to attract and retain qualified employees in the Commonwealth. The two main programs include the Virginia Jobs Investment Program (VJIP) and the Virginia Talent Accelerator Program. For more information on VEDP’s recruiting and training incentives, contact Taylor Johnson at [email protected].  
Tax and Business Cost Comparisons
CFO, COO Services AED and its state economic development partners provides business cost comparisons between states and MSAs as your company evaluates locations for a new location or expansion. VEDP's CompareVA allows companies to compare Virginia with all 50 states and numerous MSAs throughout the United States. In addition, AED can provide business cost comparisons between Northern Virginia communities and provide an in-depth cost comparisons for companies considering specific buildings in Arlington.
University Connections
VP Human Resources Partnerships Arlington Economic Development has a number of connections with the local community college and universities in the region, including:

VEDP International Trade
CEO Services, Incentives VEDP's International Trade programs provide direct support to Virginia companies committed to increasing their international export sales as a corporate growth strategy. These services help companies identify potential new markets, develop market entry strategies, and locate possible distributors and representatives for products or services - all at little to no cost to the company. For a full overview of VEDP's International Trade program please visit
Virginia Values Veterans (V3) Program
VP Human Resources Services, Incentives The Virginia Values Veterans (V3) program is a free training and certification program for employers to help them implement nationally recognized best practices in recruiting, hiring, and retaining highly-skilled and dependable Veterans. Certified companies may qualify for up to $10,000 in grants, with $1,000 being awarded per eligible Veteran hired. For more information, please visit the V3 website.
Workforce and Talent Research
COO, VP Human Resources Services Arlington Economic Development can provide detailed economic, workforce, and talent research through various labor and talent-market database tools. Arlington Economic Development has the capability to provide in-depth analysis of staffing and hiring trends at the city, county, and MSA-level. For questions or more information, please contact Conor Courtney, Strategic Initiatives Manager, at [email protected].

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