Gazelle Grant

Arlington is focused on diversifying its economy and attracting fast-growing technology companies focused in cybersecurity, data analytics, e-commerce, edtech, fintech, green IT, healthcare IT, national security IT and robotics. We recognize that capital is key to successfully scaling start-ups so that experienced entrepreneurs can develop their products, hire top talent, generate sales and identify distribution channels.

We believe that by helping you identify an Arlington office location, introducing you to our supportive and growing tech ecosystem, and providing key capital to fuel your company, that once you get here you won’t want to leave. You will find Arlington’s urban village appealing with extensive public transportation options, access to qualified educated workforce, 24/7 mobile work place and amenities such as trendy restaurants, (cool) bars, gyms and an abundance of parks and trails all in a safe and clean environment.

The Gazelle Grant is a deal-closing incentive program designed for fast-growing or "gazelle" technology companies with proven financial success. The Arlington County Gazelle Grant program offers between $10,000 and $150,000 to select technology companies and tech catalyst organizations like business incubators, accelerators and venture funds.

The program is backed by an economic development incentive fund of $1 million. The goal of the program is to build on efforts to expand and diversify the local economy and attract new investment to Arlington.

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Snapshot of the Process

Gazelle Grant Process

Recipients of Gazelle Grant funds undergo a thorough vetting process. A company's application, business plan, and financials are reviewed and assessed by Arlington Economic Development and a third-party financial organization. The Arlington County Board has final approval over recipient selection. Once selected, grant recipients must sign a performance agreement and provide annual performance reports. Grant monies are subject to performance-driven claw backs.

Eligibility Criteria

To qualify, your company must:

  • Be a growing, for-profit technology company or tech catalyst organization with proven business and financial success;
  • Be a company new to Arlington or an existing Arlington company with at least 30% job growth over a three-year performance period;
  • Commit to at least a three-year office lease in Arlington with a move-in date in the next 12 months; and
  • Show proven capital-raising ability.

Contact Info

To learn more about the Gazelle Grant program and other programs that support technology companies, please contact:

Marian Marquez, Acting Director, Business Investment Group

[email protected]

(703) 228-0807

Gazelle Grant in the News

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Meet Recent Gazelle Grant Recipients

Axios is an online platform that publishes news articles and information about politics, business and healthcare sectors.

Higher Logic offers a community engagement platform that allows organizations to bring people together to foster collaboration.

Phone2Action offers a digital advocacy and engagement software that enables organizations to connect supporters and other stakeholders with elected officials.

Stardog is a big data company whose platform lets you query, search and analyze enterprise data, wherever it is, using scalable, cutting-edge knowledge graph technology.

VideoBlocks by Storyblocks is a subscription-based digital media content company that offers a one-stop shop for stock media.


How do I apply?

Contact AED via email or phone about your interest. Following an in-person or phone conversation to determine eligibility, an application will be sent to your company.

What types of companies are eligible?

For-profit, growing tech companies and tech catalyst organizations with proven business and financial success are eligible to apply for the Gazelle Grant. Helpful, but not required, is that companies fall into Arlington’s targeted industry sectors including cybersecurity, national security IT, data analytics, healthcare IT, green IT, aeronautics, robotics, social media and e-commerce.

Who should fill out the application?

Someone that has knowledge about the company history, leadership team, finances, and employee projections should fill out the application. The interview process requires that AED and our financial consultant meet with the company's executives.

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