All Those Databases and A Box of Chocolates

January 18, 2023 | By Prakriti Deuja


Arlington loves to add sweetness to its nonprofit and small business community, and OpenGrants is the box of chocolates we’ve all been looking for. With three dominant and dynamic databases already in stock, adding OpenGrants only further candy coats the data Arlington offers.

OpenGrants, a grant finding database, is an all-in-one platform that helps you find grant opportunities across the nation. A tool that is free (thanks BizLaunch!) and easy to use with a simple login you create, the dashboard is user-friendly and catered completely to you. The way it works? Fill out some information about yourself and your nonprofit or business, and grants will come find you!

Once your dashboard is configured and complete, you can easily access unique features of the resource. From finding a grant writer to assist in making the grant writing process easier to creating an organized panel with your projects consolidated into one page, this database is one that was created with you in mind.

Used (and loved!) by more than 12,000 grant-finders and experts, OpenGrants has created an effective and personable hub for startups, small businesses and nonprofits alike. Access to webinars and news pertaining to grants can also be found across the website, in addition to the many other tools available from the site alone. If you’re looking for access to capital, OpenGrants is ready to find it for you.

A free account with OpenGrants can be created at For any questions about the database listed, feel free to contact BizLaunch Administrative Specialist Prakriti Deuja at                               




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