CoStar Headquarters: What’s Next?

May 7, 2024

Rosslyn skyline

In February, CoStar Group announced it would move its HQ to Central Place Tower in Rosslyn. To advance this economic development deal, the County Board will act on a minor site plan amendment and a zoning ordinance amendment. CoStar also is working to gain full rights to the building’s public Observation Deck—and the almost $14 million from CoStar will be used to advance the design and construction of the Gateway Park project. Additionally, the Board will take action to close public access to the observation deck and supporting areas, and allocate state funds. 

On Saturday, April 20, the Board took its first action related to the headquarters project, approving a request to advertise (RTA) a Zoning Ordinance amendment that would allow the County Board to approve additional building density in the C-O Rosslyn Zoning District for existing or already approved buildings. This RTA begins the public review process. 

Additional County Board actions include a site plan amendment to remove the Observation Deck easement as a community benefit and add the contribution to Gateway Park, closing public access to the Observation Deck and supporting areas, and allocating the grant from the Commonwealth’s Opportunity Fund. 

The County wants to make sure you are aware of some key upcoming dates in this process: 

  • May 14: Zoning Ordinance amendment reviewed by the Zoning Committee of the Planning Commission. This meeting will only address the potential for additional density in the C-O Rosslyn Zoning District. 
  • July 8: Both the Zoning Ordinance amendment and the ordinances of vacation related to observation deck easements will be reviewed by the full Planning Commission
  • July 20: The County Board will consider all four items related to the CoStar headquarters project.

You can review the full process and more information in the attached graphic. There will be opportunities to provide comments at both the Planning Commission and the County Board meetings.  

Also, planning for the improved Gateway Park is underway! The project team will provide draft concept designs, later this summer, based off feedback from the first engagement. Community members will be encouraged to share their feedback.