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The region’s need for talented technologists is immense, but new careers are stifled by businesses that require two years of experience for entry-level tech roles. The Arlington Talent Program addresses this disparity by helping aspiring software engineers get their foot in the door of a great career.

This program connects early career developers with a temporary, paid role at Exelaration. Participants gain the skills and experience they need to grow their careers through the power of experiential learning under the guidance of expert mentors.

Applications for the Arlington Talent Program are now closed. 

Proven Success

Arlington Talent Program’s initial Pilot Program yielded remarkable results. The program had a 100% program completion rate with majority of participants transitioning to full-time tech employment. Participants' average pay and work rate increased by 26% and 38% respectively and future pay and work rate will continue to rise.


About the Program

How It Works

The Arlington Talent Program connects early career developers with a temporary, full-time role at Exelaration. Participants gain the essential skills and experience they need to grow their tech careers under the guidance of expert mentors.

About the Process:

  • Prospective participants fill out their application and complete the interview process.
  • Selected applicants join the Arlington Talent Program for a paid, full-time software developer role for 12 weeks.
  • Throughout the 12-week program, participants work with Exelaration’s expert tech engineers on real client projects to learn skills in software development, testing, and more through experiential learning.
  • Following the program, participants are equipped to pursue a long-term career in the tech field. Some participants may be invited to continue working on a client project with Exelaration.

Sponsors & Partners

Get Involved

Uplifting Arlington's tech ecosystem is a group effort. You can help shape the future of tech talen through events, networking, projects, donations, lectures and more.

Sponsor and Partner Opportunities:

  • Project Partners: Get your mission-critical software built while building a talent pipeline.
  • Workforce Partners: Connect Exelaration with prospective participants in your network.
  • Event Sponsors: Bring the cohort and community together to share their stories.
  • Hardware Sponsors: Contribute laptops and other hardware to ensure participants are on equal footing.
  • Business Experience Partners: Expose participants to what office life is really like through tours, lectures, and more.

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Join the Arlington Talent Program and be part of a life-changing experience. Apply now to start your professional tech journey with confidence.

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