The Messy Middle Founders Club

Welcome to the Messy Middle Founders Club!

This is an in-person, peer-to-peer, founders-only event for pre-seed/seed founders that are all-in on building a venture scale startup.

This stage in a startup's life is very challenging, and most startups don't make it. Founders learn by either making their own mistakes or learning from other founders. 

So let's not do it alone.

Who Should Attend

We are focused on founders who meet the following criteria:

  • You are the primary founder(s) and are All-In
  • Building a venture scale startup
  • Have raised angel/pre-seed investment
  • Have a product in market with engagement and customers
  • are a product-oriented company

This describes your daily life:

  • Iterating towards product-market fit
  • Experimenting with go-to-market motions
  • Increasing product velocity ('ship it!')
  • Building the right team
  • Raising additional Angel/VC investment

Event Structure

The Messy Middle Founders Club is a peer-to-peer event where we split into groups of 6-8 founders to share experiences and challenges.

A moderator will ensure every startup gets equal time with the group to discuss challenges and/or focus on a topic that is currently important and relevant to them.

No phones. No recording. No laptops. Everyone is completely present.

This is a space for founders to be open, transparent, and vulnerable, while also being direct with radical candor without judgement.

Why Did We Create This Event?

Most events have a wide variety of attendees—whether it's for networking, presentations, pitch practice, or learning.

However, we believe there is significant value in similar-stage founders spending time with other founders in a private, off-the-record setting.


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