Small Business Focus: Wonder Kids Learning Center

August 24, 2022 | By Alex Held


With summer ending and students getting ready to head back into the classroom, we thought we’d highlight one of Arlington’s newest childcare centers, Wonder Kids Learning Center

Founded this year, Wonder Kids Learning Center is a Spanish immersion childcare program offering high-quality care for children between zero and five years old. Started by Paulina Enriquez, who also serves as the center’s director, Wonder Kids Learning Center is more than a business. 

It is a place to contribute to children’s lives, providing a loving environment. Here they can learn a second language, develop skills and techniques to manage their feelings while respecting diversity, and love and value themselves. “My company is a result of my experience and passion for education,” says Paulina Enriquez. 

Having worked in the County for the last 20 years, Paulina is no stranger to Arlington. “I chose Arlington because I am very familiar with the services, childcare regulations, neighborhoods and the needs of the families in Arlington, says Enriquez. 

“The most challenging aspect of opening my business has been the permits and regulations that affect my particular industry,” says Enriquez. However, to help her navigate the regulatory environment, Paulina sought support from BizLaunch

Paulina worked with Tara Palacios and one of our SCORE counselors Richard Rose to help launch her firm. “Mrs. Palacios guided me from the beginning in the right direction to create my business and take it from an idea to reality. Even more than her knowledge of the regulatory environment, her kindness and encouragement helped me to achieve my goals,” says Enriquez.  

“I am so proud to help Paulina open the Wonder Kids Learning Center. She is so committed to the Arlington community and worked so hard to open the center to take care of Arlington’s youngest members. Wonder Kids is a beautiful addition to Arlington, and we welcome the team with open arms,” says Tara Palacios, Director BizLaunch. 

Of course, developing a business plan and finding a suitable commercial space for a childcare center doesn’t come without its challenges. For help, Paulina turned to Richard Rose, a Washington, D.C. SCORE counselor. “Richard Rose was my business mentor who worked with me to make my business plan and budget ‘one of the best,’ he told me. He guided me in my bank loan application, selecting realtors and attorneys and connected me with additional resources to establish my company,” says Enriquez. 

As many entrepreneurs know, starting a business is a journey, with many stops along the way. For Paulina, starting Wonder Kids Learning Center was no different. “My favorite story was when my business mentor explained the process and said it will take 18 months or more to open; I was thinking, why that long,” says Enriquez. “However, he was right, it took us 18 months to get here, and everything happened as he said it would.” 

For more information about Wonder Kids Learning Center, visit, or join us for their grand opening at 12:00 p.m. on September 10, 2022, at their location in Ballston at 907 N. Quincy Street. 

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