Small Business Feature: WillowSpoon Creative LLC

June 23, 2023 | By Alex Held

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Founded in May 2021 by Rayna C. Richardson, WillowSpoon Creative LLC is a financial education and consulting company that aims to promote financial literacy, access, and inclusion while focusing on the historical context that shapes the current financial landscape. WillowSpoon Creative offers a range of services to support individuals and small businesses looking to achieve their financial goals.

“Building confidence in money management requires an understanding of how laws, civil rights and historical events have influenced our mindset around resources,” says Richardson. 

What sets WillowSpoon Creative apart is its unique approach of using history to uncover the patterns and lessons that shape our financial behaviors and choices. By exploring generational mindsets, money stories, and money wounds, WillowSpoon aims to break the cycle of repeating history and empower individuals to chart a path toward financial well-being. The emphasis on credit and debt management is particularly noteworthy, as the company recognizes the transformative power of these aspects in achieving financial goals.

This summer, WillowSpoon Creative is launching Camp C.R.E.D.I.T. August 1-3, 2023, a 3-day workshop focusing on debt management and credit improvement. For those who want more in depth training, this fall WillowSpoon Creative is launching Credit Scores Crash Course (CSCC), a comprehensive 6-week workshop designed to help participants understand their credit standing and create an action plan to improve it. 

“Small businesses sometimes need guidance and support from someone who has been there, done that. In my 25+ years of business experience, I often saw that many small businesses and freelancers were good at their craft, but lacked vital business skills and financial knowledge,” says Richardson. Through workshops, coaching and consulting WillowSpoon Creative is addressing these skill gaps within the small business and entrepreneur community. 

To help raise awareness for WillowSpoon Creative, Richardson reached out to BizLaunch. “I really appreciate that BizLaunch shares our events on their calendar while highlighting them in their newsletters, allowing members of the community to connect.” I also love the number of helpful research tools that are available to business owners for free,” says Richardson. 

One of the most rewarding experiences for WillowSpoon Creative has been witnessing the enthusiasm and interest from younger generations, such as Gen Z attendees who initially disliked history but now find it fascinating when presented in the context of financial education. This positive feedback reinforces the company's mission to make learning about history and finances engaging, relevant, and enjoyable for all.

Being based in Arlington holds special significance for WillowSpoon Creative. As a long-time resident, Richardson appreciates the area's excellent public transportation system, which contributes to financial accessibility for many individuals. However, she says Arlington also faces challenges, such as the loss of small family businesses and the displacement of long-time residents due to rising property prices.

When not empowering others through financial education, Richardson enjoys the dog-friendly environment of Arlington. “Writing and brainstorming in local parks provide a welcome opportunity to interact with neighborhood pups and their owners, fostering a sense of community,” says Richardson.

To learn more about WillowSpoon Creative visit or follow the company on FacebookInstagramor LinkedIn.

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