TechConnect: Tamarix Engineering Launches Fixerwise

September 11, 2023 | By Adam Henry


This month, Arlington Economic Development interviewed Tamarix Engineering for its TechConnect Profile. Headquartered in Arlington, Virginia, Tamarix Engineering launched in 2022 and recently launched its first product – Fixerwise. Fixerwise is a travel tech solution that connects global travelers with local guides—also known as fixers—everywhere. The company aims to enhance the international travel experience through technology created in Arlington. Tamarix Engineering develops secure, innovative tech solutions in the financial and travel industries. The company serves travelers around the globe, all while bolstering Arlington’s reputation as a technological and travel-centric hub. 

Arlington Economic Development spoke with Malick Ba, Founder and Software Engineer of Tamarix Engineering, to discuss its new product, plans for growth in Arlington, and why he decided to launch his tech startup in Arlington. 

Malick, a big congratulations on the launch of your new technology product – Fixerwise! Can you tell us more about the new product and your target markets for your new technology? 

Malick: Thank you. Fixerwise was born out of the desire to ease international travel for everyone through technology. Having personally traveled to various countries, I understand the importance of local knowledge and having a personal guide to help navigate cultural differences, ensuring a smooth journey, whether for business or leisure. While there are various travel services, I aimed to create a business model that prioritizes personalized travel experiences by directly connecting travelers with locals. Our user base is quite diverse. Journalists, business professionals, NGOs, and tourists are among the primary customers of our service. These professionals often require the expertise of a local contact when traveling to unfamiliar destinations. Fixerwise connects them with relevant locals to make the most of their trips. 

What are the company’s customer and operational growth plans now that Fixerwise has launched?  

Malick: We are really excited about our growth trajectory. On the marketing front, we are gearing up for targeted campaigns aimed at sectors that would most benefit from our services—like business travelers, journalists, and NGOs. Regarding features, we are developing an integrated security information module offering country-specific safety advice. This ensures our users can travel safely as well as efficiently. The idea is to build Fixerwise into a comprehensive platform that covers all aspects of international travel, from finding local guides to ensuring secure payments. The end goal is to simplify and personalize global travel experiences for everyone. 

Tamarix Engineering has plans to diversify its solutions by Q2 2024. We are in the early stages of developing a solution focused on peer-to-peer payments to facilitate financial transactions. 

As an Arlington-based tech startup, what are the reasons you decided to launch your venture in Arlington? 

Malick: Arlington was a natural choice for several reasons. First, I live in Arlington, so there is a personal attachment and a sense of community that I want to contribute to. Arlington has a thriving tech landscape and is incredibly startup-friendly. The access to talent here is phenomenal, not to mention the networking opportunities and support structures like accelerators and venture capital. 

By launching Tamarix Engineering in Arlington, I am not just building a tech company but investing in a strong community and contributing to an already vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem. The city offers a unique blend of resources and opportunities that help startups like Tamarix Engineering flourish. It is about aligning personal and professional goals in a setting conducive to tech innovation and growth. 

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