TechConnect: Blue Altair Rebrands and Adds 60 Employees

May 31, 2023 | By Adam Henry


This month is Business Appreciation Month, and Arlington Economic Development is highlighting Blue Altair. Founded in 2015, Blue Altair is a niche, industry-recognized business, and technology consulting firm that assists its clients with digital transformations, including API Management and Integration, Data Management, Digital Application Development, and Data Science and AI. With professionals in Arlington, India, Argentina, and Australia, Blue Altair has served more than seventy clients across the world in industries ranging from financial services, automotive, and entertainment, to life sciences and retail. 

Arlington Economic Development visited Nilesh Dhingra, Founder & CEO of Blue Altair, at the company headquarters to discuss the company’s recent successes, its plans for growth, and the reasons they choose to do business in Arlington. 

Happy Business Appreciation Month! We are grateful for your headquarter presence in Arlington. What do you see as the company’s biggest success in the past year? 

Nilesh: Within the last year, we have rebranded ourselves, launched our new website and social media presence, grown from about 110 to 170 high-caliber individuals, and added new logos to our client list. But most importantly, we continue to excel in the complex technology consulting services we offer, keeping our clients happy and our employees engaged and excited about the work they are doing.

What are the company’s plans for growth in the next 12-24 months? Are you seeking new markets? 

Nilesh:  While we continue to excel at delivering successful strategy, assessment, technical implementation, and managed services projects, we are determined to grow our client base and headcount over the next 24 months to become a mid-sized, industry-recognized, niche consulting firm. We want to do this while we invest in innovative technologies like Generative AI, API-driven ecosystems, AI-based system integration, and microservices architectures. In roughly a year, we also want to explore our foray into the federal and government space.  

As an Arlington-based company, what are the biggest reasons you chose to have Blue Altair’s headquarters here? 

Nilesh: Arlington has a lot to offer. Its business-friendly environment includes access to high-quality services and eateries, great public transportation, and an educated workforce, all in a clean and safe urban environment. Making Arlington an ideal location for businesses like Blue Altair to call home.  

For more information on Blue Altair and its consulting services, visit If you are a startup tech company looking to launch or grow your business in Northern Virginia, please visit AED’s IT and Emerging Tech page and contact Adam Henry, Senior Business Development Manager, for more information.  


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