SportAI to Reach New Audiences with Catalyst Grant

June 12, 2024 | By Sarah Van Velsor


Arlington Economic Development announced the latest recipients of Catalyst Grants from the Arlington Innovation Fund (AIF). After a thorough review process, four Arlington-based startups have been awarded a total of $175,000 in grants. These companies have shown exceptional promise in innovation and potential for significant impact in their respective fields. 

SportAI democratizes analytics for fantasy sports and sports betting. Using neural network AI, their mobile app provides in-depth insights to help users make informed decisions without facilitating gambling. We spoke with Co-Founder Noah Kim to learn more about Sport AI and why they chose Arlington to build their business.

Tell us about your company and how it will innovate your respective industry?

Noah: SportAI is a mobile app integrated with neural network AI that democratizes fantasy sport analytics. Whether you’re in your local office league or watching lines every day of the NBA playoffs, the lack of convenient access to data and analytics is helping the house win. We are here to bridge the data gap and help people even the odds.

How will grant funding from the Arlington Innovation Fund impact your growth plans?

Noah: With our core platform built out, we can prioritize grant funding towards marketing, product enhancement and collaborations with local sports organizations. We can also launch the rocket ship that is SportAI!

How long has your company been in Arlington and what made you choose Arlington as a place to do business?

Noah: Every member of the co-founding team was born and raised in NOVA. From Woodson to Yorktown, we’ve been here since the very beginning, and chose Arlington as a place to do business because of Arlington’s place as a booming tech region, and because the DMV is one of the best sports areas in the country.

We are the users; the users are us. It’s time not only for the next generation of homegrown talent and startups, but for the sports-tech aspect of the DMV’s immense sports talent to grow.

A victory for SportAI is a victory for the entire DMV!

Arlington also awarded grant funding to three other Arlington startups: KnoNapPryze and Data Parrot.

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