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June 6, 2023 | By Alex Held

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When Elaine Steele, Inventor of The Schoon and CEO and Founder of ESPM LLC, purchased an old house in Arlington, she knew things wouldn’t be easy. However, after plunging yet another clog in her house in January 2020, she knew there must be a better way.

Thus came her idea of The Schoon. The Schoon is equipped with a plunger, spray wand, disinfectant tank, and base. It not only effectively unclogs toilets but also allows users to disinfect the plunger, surrounding floor, sink, toilet fixtures and more with its spray wand. 

“The overwhelming response of "Yes, finally!!!" validates the innovation and necessity of this product,” says Steele. From the very beginning, it was evident that The Schoon was onto something remarkable and being consistently validated throughout the journey has been an exciting experience.

“While I don’t have one specific favorite business story, recently appearing on Elliot in the Morning talking about The Schoon and promoting the Kickstarter campaign was a real joy,” says Steele.

With prior experience working with BizLaunch through Dante Consulting, Steele sought advice and guidance from BizLaunch during the development of The Schoon very early in the process.

“The support and assistance provided by BizLaunch have been invaluable, as they have always been ready to lend a helping hand, offer advice, and provide contacts and connections to aid in the success of the business,” says Steele.

Though there isn't a specific mentor associated with ESPM LLC, the company Steele created. Steele’s deep roots in Arlington since 1993 influenced the choice of location for the business, and she has leveraged many of her existing contacts to help further her business’s goals.

“Arlington, with its unique sense of community, became a place that felt like home from the moment I arrived. Being able to work and live in the same area has undoubtedly contributed to the strong sense of belonging and commitment to Arlington,” says Steele.

When not marketing The Schoon through Kickstarter, Steele indulges in the diverse culinary scene and supports local small businesses and restaurants in Arlington. “Exploring and enjoying the ethnic diversity of food options has become a favorite activity for me, offering a delightful experience,” she says.

Looking ahead, ESPM LLC envisions expanding its product line and offering more variety in the next five years. Exploring options for eco-friendly disinfectant tablets and committing to sustainability and environmental friendliness are top priorities for the business.

Now that The Schoon is available through Kickstarter, Steele is working with BizLaunch to help get the word out about her innovative new product. For more information about The Schoon and to contribute to the Kickstarter campaign, visit

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