Small Business Feature: SiliProducts

September 13, 2022 | By Alex Held

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Launched in 2021 by Jeremy Daross, Arlington-based SiliProducts manufactures and sells consumer kitchen products. SiliProducts first started with the SiliSink edge protector, which protects granite and quartz countertops from chipping while cleaning up. Additionally, the company included a sponge caddy on the inner side as part of the SiliSink edge protector so the sponge can drain directly into the sink. “SiliSink is a unique product with no real competitors, and we plan to produce a line of products which all fit that description,” says Daross.


Take a look at SiliProducts' YouTube video to learn more about the SiliSink edge protector.

With a background as an engineer, Daross is quite an inventor; however, to get the product launched, he worked with mentors to get his product off the ground. “I worked with a couple of guys through a company called Productified out of California,” he explains. “They both were entrepreneurs and an inventor, and I had a series of meetings with them weekly throughout the process of sourcing and producing my first order.”

In looking for a place to locate SiliProducts, for Daross, deciding to find one in Arlington was simple. "I live here,” he says. In addition, Daross is highly active in the community and teaches the marching band’s percussion section at Washington-Liberty. “I also like the diversity and the cultural and culinary variety.”  

Daross says he would love for SiliProducts to become his full-time job rather than a side gig. To help make that dream a reality, Daross has applied to take advantage of the resources available through BizLaunch’s ReLaunch program. “I have a vision of growing big enough to provide good jobs to other people to demonstrate that it’s possible to be profitable while still taking care of your employees,” says Daross.

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