Small Business Feature: HealthPub

October 31, 2022 | By Alex Held

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Launched in April 2022 by Jan Moyo and Kewan Masoud, HealthPub offers healthy, organic, vegan, fast and fresh meal alternatives to the community, inspiring a healthy lifestyle. Popular menu items include many of their wide selection of acai bowls and smoothies.

Initially, HealthPub started as a food truck and still can be regularly found throughout Arlington, such as in Rosslyn or the Columbia Pike Farmer’s Market. Then in August 2022, HealthPub launched its first brick-and-mortar location inside the Fashion Centre at Pentagon City.

What makes HealthPub unique is that it is the healthiest mobile option available in the DC area. “Because we are mobile, customers can enjoy a healthy meal replacement at many of the events and locations we’re stationed,” says Co-Founder, Jan Moyo. “Additionally, regardless of whether a customer visits our truck or brick and mortar locations, they still can expect the same great experience.”

With Arlington consistently being named the Fittest City in America, it makes sense that HealthPub has received an overwhelmingly positive response in the community. “Arlington is renowned for its health-conscious residents,” says Moyo. However, with many in Arlington living a healthy lifestyle, Moyo described constantly shifting consumer preferences.

For help, HealthPub turned to BizLaunch, Arlington’s small business and entrepreneurial resource center. HealthPub was accepted into BizLaunch’s ReLaunch program. Initially, HealthPub worked with Revby, which provided them with business consulting services.

“Alex Berlin from Revby was our mentor, and he helped us a lot during our first few weeks of business with our marketing and branding strategy,” says Moyo. “Additionally, he was instrumental in developing the framework of our website.”

Later, HealthPub began working with Nub8, another ReLaunch provider who helped them build their website and e-commerce solution. Because of the funding for ReLaunch, HealthPub received all these services at no cost.

“BizLaunch helped us connect with many people, and without their many resources, we wouldn’t be where we are today,” says Moyo

HealthPub plans to open a few more stores and trucks catering to different communities and events throughout the metro area in five years. Additionally, because of the local success, HealthPub is looking at franchising to grow the brand nationally.

For more information about HealthPub, check out their brand-new website at


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