Return on Creativity: The Future Workforce

February 18, 2021 | By Susan Soroko

The Future Workforce - Poster

The pandemic has every employer and worker questioning how and where they will work when and if conditions are safe to return to an office. Yet in an increasingly distributed and remote world of work, what is the role of place? We believe that there is power in creating spaces both virtual and physical for employees and the growing freelance workforce.

Arlington has invited industry and public sector leaders to provide insights to practices being explored, trends in play, diversity and inclusion in workforce and ways for employers and employees to navigate uncertainties. What can we expect from virtual and physical work spaces? What is the value of a hybrid workforce or contract specialists? How will full-time employees be most effective?

Return on Creativity: The Future Workforce will blend a vision of the near future with practical ideas for today's workforce leaders and HR professionals. Our goal is to bring together thought leaders, business leaders and practitioners withing the workforce development, HR and employee experience professionals to learn, interact and create new ideas together.

Why you should attend:
This virtual event will feature industry experts from technology, hospitality, associations, government and more discussing the future of the workforce and what will impact employment and growth over the coming months.

March 2 and 3, 2021
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(Update 9/14/22 - This article featured links to an event that has past; links to that event have been removed.)

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