Q2 Talent Corner: A Quarter of Accolades

August 18, 2021 | By Conor Courtney

Woman looking at tablet device screen

Arlington and the surrounding D.C.-metro region are well-known for their high-caliber tech talent, but some awards stand above the rest. For example, Smart Asset named Arlington the Best City for Women in Tech, CBRE’s Scoring Tech Talent Report listed the D.C.-metro region as the third-best tech talent market in North America and Business Facilities ranked Virginia as the state with the best tech talent pipeline.

Best City for Women in Tech

After considering variables such as gender pay gap, income after housing costs, tech jobs filled by women, and a 3-year tech employment growth, Arlington was given a perfect index score of 100. Arlington’s gender pay gap is 91%, income for women after housing costs totaled $64,620, 33.5% of tech jobs in Arlington are filled by women, and Arlington has a 27% 3-year tech employment growth forecast. Arlington provides considerable advantages for women in tech over the national averages: a nationwide 83% gender pay gap, national average income for women after housing costs totaled $57,509, 26.1% of tech jobs in the nation are filled by women, and the national 3-year tech employment growth forecast is 17%.

Third Best Tech Market in North America

CBRE’s Scoring Tech Talent Report considers 13 metrics to measure each market’s depth, vitality, and attractiveness to companies seeking tech talent and to tech workers seeking employment. With a scorecard ranking of 65.60, only the San Francisco Bay area and Seattle ranked higher than the DC-metro region. This report also acknowledged the DC-metro region as the most diverse gender tech workforce in the United States.

Virginia #1 Tech Talent Pipeline

Virginia’s highest concentration of data centers in the world, its state-wide investments, such as Virginia’s Tech Talent Investment Program, attribute to Virginia’s top ranking for tech talent pipeline, and Virginia’s universities partnering with industry leaders to add thousands of new computer science graduates put Virginia at the top of the list for tech talent pipeline.