Small Business Feature: My Favorite Fixer

March 31, 2023 | By Alex Held


Founded in March 2022, My Favorite Fixer is an online platform connecting primarily female contractors to female clients in the Washington, DC area. “Our fixers provide carpentry, plumbing, painting and other handyman services,” says Akilah Beavers, Founder of My Favorite Fixer. What makes My Favorite Fixer unique is that the company performs a background and reference check on each handyperson listed on the online platform.

Originally named after her father’s nickname, My Favorite Fixer was developed to alleviate women’s challenges when hiring a contractor/handyperson. “Once, a foreman came to inspect work performed in my house, suddenly he began to make me feel uncomfortable by making comments and invading my personal space.” Luckily, one of Ms. Beaver’s friends called, allowing her to escape the situation, asking the foreman to leave. “After that, I felt this is something I didn’t want other women to experience,” says Beavers.

In researching the market for her business plan, Beavers soon learned that other women had similar experiences with handypersons. “I wanted to create a platform where women could feel safe in finding a handyman, with transparent pricing, knowing that a background check and complete reference check had been performed.” “Additionally, I want to provide an opportunity to uplift other women-owned businesses,” says Beavers.

While Ms. Beavers have had several advisors provide sound business advice and assistance, she initially reached out to BizLaunch in June 2022 for small business assistance. “BizLaunch was so instrumental in helping me get organized, assisting with my business plan and helping me develop my initial website through the ReLaunch program,” says Beavers.

While Ms. Beavers is still getting her team in place, her best team member is her virtual assistant Danielle Jones at Lemon Squeeze Enterprise. “She has helped keep me organized and motivated,” says Beavers.

In the future, Ms. Beavers hopes to expand My Favorite Fixer to other major cities such as Atlanta, Orlando and New York City. 

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