How to Register for eVA, Virginia’s Procurement System

September 30, 2022 | By Julia Wicks


Looking to expand your customer base? You might want to consider procurement for local governments. State and local agencies are constantly placing purchase orders for goods and services.

These opportunities are abundant and can be quite lucrative. In the 2020 fiscal year alone, Arlington County issued 322 quick quotes and 123 formal solicitations, and it spent an estimated $728 million on capital projects.  

You can find and view many of these procurement requests by signing up for eVA, Virginia’s electronic procurement system. More than 13,000 state and local agencies across Virginia use this online portal to announce bidding opportunities, get quotes, and place orders for goods and services.

If you are interested in doing business with the Commonwealth in areas like transportation, municipalities, universities, you must register with eVA. Businesses also have the option to be SWaM certified as part of that  process.

How to get started with eVA

  • Navigate to and select “Vendor Registration,” then “New Registration.”
  • Review and accept eVA’s Memorandum of Agreement. 
  • Enter your company’s EIN or SSN number. 
  • Create your company profile
    • Fill this out with all of the information requested as it appears on your W-9 form.
    • You will also be able to attach documents - use this function to upload a copy of your W-9 form. 
  • Create your login profile, providing accurate personal information. You can opt in to receive notifications for bidding opportunities by checking the Notifications box.
  • Fill in your ordering information.
    • If your Ordering Address is the same as the W-9 address you provided above, select Copy Tax Address. 
    • If your Ordering Contact is the same as the Login Profile you entered above, select Copy Login Profile Info. 
  • Fill in your order delivery options. 
  • Select your service areas. This lets you indicate to buyers where you do business. 
    • You can also opt in to receive notifications for bids in your service areas.  
  • Select the commodity codes that best describe what you sell.  
    • You can also opt in to receive notifications for opportunities seeking the commodities you provide.
    • You can always edit your selections later.

Interested in Doing Business with Arlington County?

Although the County advertises all of its opportunities in the eVA system, Arlington's Purchasing department operates on a different procurement platform called Vendor Registry. As a result, we encourage all of our local vendors to register with Arlington County in addition to being registered on eVA. 

The BizLaunch team knows the process and depending upon what you are seeking to do, can help you decide which platform is right for you. Depending on your industry, it may make sense to be on both or on one. If you are unsure of which is right for you, set up a meeting with the BizLaunch staff to learn the best way to proceed.

Tips for a Successful Bid

When putting together a bid for a local procurement contract, try to make sure your proposal is both responsive and responsible

A responsive bid conforms in all material aspects to the solicitation and all of its requirements. Before submitting a bid, be sure to read each opportunity carefully and follow all instructions. Make sure your bid meets all the submission requirements. If you’re not sure about something, don’t hesitate to ask about it!

A responsible bid is one in which the bidder or offeror is fully capable of meeting all requirements of the solicitation and contract. Be sure your bid includes your financial and technical capabilities, a history of satisfactory performance, demonstrates your ability to deliver on schedule and proves that you have the necessary resources to fulfill the contract. When crafting a bid, focus on demonstrating your ability to perform, showcase your past work and make sure it aligns to the scale and scope of proposed activities.